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Here in Book 4, Milton manages this slight, if jarring, congruity by insisting that a gendered difference supervises this botanical similarity: Adam's "Hyacinthine Locks ...
That blood-red roses and hyacinthine locks participate alike in a lethal ecology is a hard biochemical fact, which our sips of Omar's metonymic draught can nerve us not to forget.
His face was quite oval, his eyes deep blue: his rich brown curls clustered in hyacinthine grace upon the delicate rose of his downy cheek, and shaded the light blue veins of his clear white forehead.
The flaring clouds magnificently conform with Jupiter's flame-coloured robe, befit the ardour of the subject, and accentuate the delicate hyacinthine tints of the sky in which Callisto, like Erigone, will later become a constellation.
through her eye the Immortal shone-- On her fair cheek's unfading hue The young pomegranate's blossoms strew Their bloom in blushes ever new-- Her hair in hyacinthine flow When left to roll its folds below, ...
In such works, Milton nevertheless confidently rejects this rather manly Eros of ladies melting over a Hyacinthine poet for the even more manly patriotism of political service.
But once washed and oiled and dressed in a cloak and tunic, Athena beautifies him, making him taller with massive shoulders and hyacinthine curls thick on his head.
Birds such as the hyacinthine macaw, blue and yellow macaw, red and green macaw (or green-wing macaw), blue- fronted parrot, and toco toucan are captured for resale as pets, part of a $5 billion global business of illegal animal trafficking.