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Synonyms for hustler

an intensely energetic, enthusiastic person

Synonyms for hustler

a shrewd or unscrupulous person who knows how to circumvent difficulties

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If your pal knows you are a hustler and is still asking you for inordinate amounts of money, politely back out of the wedding committees - it's not a sin to be a hustler and not have cash to spare, even though you want to.
Attorneys Office, and the Jefferson Parish District Attorneys Office, the Harvey Hustler gang and several spinoff gangs associated with the Harvey Hustlers were completely dismantled, with more than 65 individuals being convicted for drug and violence related crimes.
Some hustlers faced adversity in the form of physical or emotional abuse.
The urban hustlers thus seem to demystify the portrayal of found space as being cast in stone.
Belkin Hoopers dominated the first quarter and outscored the Hustlers with a 14-7 lead.
Painter compiled a study of American hustlers from 1930 to 1941, in which he argued that male hustlers were in fact "normal" whereas their clients were the ones deviating from sexual roles (a similar theme would arise in Kinsey's work).
The Challengers (8-3) will face the fourth-seeded Hustlers again at 2 p.
When the lights come up, we see a hustler pounding his client's ass so hard that the chair on which the young man lies spread-eagled keeps sliding across the stage in fits and starts till it stops, with his orgasm, just at the edge of the platform.
1928 Acklam Hall sold to Middlesbrough Corporation - last links with Hustlers.
The conceit of Boys Briefs 4, a collection of gay short films about hustlers, sounds potentially cheesy.
Barry then went above and beyond the ordinary call of duty for political candor in explaining his personal sense of betrayal at being victimized: "There is sort of an unwritten code in Washington" he said, "among the underworld and the hustlers and these other guys, that I am their friend.
Boosters, Hustlers, and Speculators: Entrepreneurial Culture and the Rise of Minneapolis and St.
Basically, it is set in the world of hustlers, pimps, thugs, chickenheads, blinged-out rappers or 'round-the-way baby mamas.
The silent opening stare at Paul America on the beach (My Hustler) and the silent stare at Joe Spencer in the black-tiled shower (Bike Boy); the unbelievable discussion of male toilerte between America and the Sugar Plum Fairy, between two hustlers, and Spencer's negotiation of the clothing boutique, its apparel and queeny clerks.
It's just a little annoying having to explain to the youngsters why con men and hustlers live in such nice White Houses.