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Synonyms for hustler

an intensely energetic, enthusiastic person

Synonyms for hustler

a shrewd or unscrupulous person who knows how to circumvent difficulties

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All the actors bring memorable life to Leonard's typical cavalcade of vulgarians; Lolita Davidovich is a real kick as the salty-tongued stripper mom of the cancer patient, and Paul Mazursky is deadly funny as the music-business hustler who takes a shine to her.
Anyone who's spent time with hustlers knows these kinds of (probably tall) tales - part brag, part convoluted cry of pain, part flirtation - and the best thing about The Waterfront Journals is Wojnarowicz's precise, respectful recreations.
The group that recruited him, the New York Peer AIDS Education Coalition (NYPAEC), was started in 1990 to reach an estimated 10,000 to 20,000 teenage hustlers, runaways, and prostitutes in New York City.
As the camera works its way through the swank casino, it stops to point out one of four poker "predators" seated at a poker table: the Hustler, the Novice, the Ringer and the Wildcard.
In contrast, Our Lady of the Assassins (which opens September 7) has as its protagonist the worldly-wise Fernando (German Jaramillo), an erudite, melancholic writer in his 50s; he returns to his hometown--the violent, crime-ridden Medellin, Colombia--expecting to die, only to rediscover his passion for life when he invites a young hustler (Anderson Ballesteros) into his bed and his life.
There is no admission charge, but hustlers outside the entrance have nonetheless been collecting it from gullible visitors, probably since Cleopatra's time.
CyberCrime Radio Network aims to advise individuals on how-to protect, and prevent Hi-Tech Hustlers.
All Stars' domination continued in the second quarter with a 19-15 score which gave them a 10-point advantage against Hustlers in the first half which ended 45-35.
Law also got inside one of gay history's most callow hustlers --Lord Alfred "Bosie" Douglas, whose rich, blond allure turned poor, grandiose Oscar Wilde into gaol-bait.
Any young male hustlers who work Los Angeles's Santa Monica Boulevard should be in bed by this time on a Saturday morning--someone's bed, anyway.
Like dependable johns, filmmakers Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato paid 50 bucks apiece--on-camera--to 101 male hustlers for the pleasure of their oral tales.
Directed and produced by Randy Barbato and Fenton Bailey, 101 RENT BOYS is an 80-minute feature documentary that examines the real life stories of male hustlers on the infamous Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood, California.
Hustlers Dubai secured a close 63-59 win over Belkin Hoopers in a league match to keep their hopes alive for a semi-final slot in the Berry Hills 8th IBS Basketball League being held here.
Ball's bile splatters the larger culture--the country trapped in affluence and alienation, in cell phones and hustlers, and blockbuster movies whose heroes would rather blow something up than acknowledge the sexual desire between them.