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The residents had complained of environmental pollution and health hazards being caused by dust emanating during the husking mills' operation.
Many stories describe the days of husking corn by hand.
The device was described as a "husking thimble." After that, the floodgates opened: Hundreds, perhaps thousands, of unpatented husking devices were produced.
Why did they participate in corn husking and quilting bees?
The husk must always be removed by hand or husking machinery.
Since reading with renewed interest husking contests, I have an important question.
Editor's note: Each husking contest is conducted independently, but a random poll of persons connected with the events says it's unlikely is used.
When I saw the photos in your magazine of children husking corn without eye protection I was horrified.
In past years the club has hosted Ohio Corn Husking competitions.
For some, husking pegs are historic remnants of bygone days.
Many farmers who needed corn fodder for cattle feed took advantage of this fact, cutting and shocking their corn early and husking out the ears after the fall plowing was done.