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Synonyms for huskily

in a hoarse or husky voice


References in classic literature ?
He was Blackbeard's bo'sun," John whispered huskily.
Wilcox, who was in front, said "Margaret" rather huskily, turned, dropped his cigar, and took her in his arms.
Laurie came back as quickly as he went, and put out his hand, saying huskily, "I'm a selfish brute, but--you know-Grandfather--"
Nioche would entreat him huskily, as a particular favor, to forbear; but he would admit at the same time that he was very presumptuous to ask for particular favors.
NEW HOPE, PA -- "Jeff" she whispered huskily into this sleepy head, interrupting a most pleasant dream.
The priest would sigh deeply on his side of the screen (certainly mortified by the status of my deeply tormented and dangerous soul), whisper huskily, "Say three Hail Marys and three Our Fathers," and then snap shut the sliding window with obvious disgust.
Oh don't go," he implored huskily in a new song of the same name from his album-in-progress, elevating an otherwise pleasant but unexciting ballad.
Tom Barnes is a bland hero and Moore, who recently won the Academy Award for Still Alice, slinks through each frame, huskily whispering camp lines like, "I like boys", without a hint of menace.
I whispered huskily as I held him and watched him breath.
THE village bigman huskily intones, "Never spend more than 24 hours with a woman," pausing to scratch his nose with the sharpened tip of an arrow.
Hello daarling,'' says Mouna Ayoub huskily with the warm familiarity of old friends (even though we've met only once before) -- walking around a decor of gigantic silver oyster shells and blue glass buoys to kiss me.
Gellhorn, who died in 1998, huskily narrates the whole affair in flashback, beginning with her and Papa's first encounter in the Key West bar Sloppy Joe's, where the famous author--still spattered with blood from a Marlin he's caught--snappily says, "Big game's no fun if it just wanders up to you.
Mention that her gangland novels are the most borrowed books in prison libraries and the most stolen from shops, and she merely laughs huskily.
Thankfully Bruno's more straightforward with a huskily imploring ballad that captures the right amount of teen angst - a bucketful.