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deep-fried cornbread ball (southern)


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Minutes later, continuing her voiceover, Hushpuppy makes the Bathtubbers' perilous state of existence more overt still: "one day, the storm's gonna blow, the ground's gonna sink, and the water's gonna rise up so high, there ain't gonna be no Bathtub, just a whole bunch of water.
Some folks, mainly northerners or North Carolinians, add sugar to their hushpuppy batter--a process that's the source of many a dinnertime confrontation.
By the end of the film he is lying on his deathbed, and when Hushpuppy reunites with him, she brings one of their favorite foods, fried alligator.
For reasons that seem inexplicable at first, Wink lives in a house alongside that of his daughter, his principal fatherly gesture being "feed-up time" -- when he presents Hushpuppy with a barbecued chicken and reminds her to share the carcass with the dog.
Choca ver a Hushpuppy, la protagonista, vestida y peinada como nina de ciudad.
The interactions between Hushpuppy and her teacher, Miss Bathsheeba, involve one character talking while the other listens and when the two do have a conversation it is about Hushpuppy's father, note the users of Bechdel Test Movie List.
Beasts Of The Southern Wild (12A) Up for four Oscars, including Film, Director and Best Actress for six year old Quvenzhane Wallis, the youngest ever nominee, set in the post-Katrina Louisiana bayou, with rising waters threatening their island home, young Hushpuppy seeks to save her community from the mythological beasts she believes are coming for them.
In the movie Wallis plays Hushpuppy, living in the Louisiana bayou with her hot-tempered and ailing father Wink, in a community threatened by floods driven by melting ice-caps.
She plays Hushpuppy, who lives in a fictional Louisiana bayou with her drunken dad Wink (Dwight Henry).
Eight-year-old newcomer Quvenzhane Wallis is the precocious Hushpuppy who lives in a New Orleans swamp called The Bathtub with her alcoholic dad and a ragtag of drunks and drop-outs.
According to The Internet Movie Database (IMDb) the online database of information related to movies, television and acting stars, Nazie beat off some 4,000 other local kids to play Hushpuppy (pictured above right) - an indomitable child prodigy and survivalist who lives with her dying father in the backwoods bayou squalor of Louisiana.
Hushpuppy can live in the past, the present and future at the same time, and she has already reached a point of wisdom and calm that many adults will never reach.
At 85, Emanuelle Riva (in OSCARS MARKETS PAGE 118 French masterpiece Amour) is the oldest ever to be put up for Best Actress, while nine-year-old Quvenzhane Wallis, who plays six-year-old Hushpuppy in Beasts of the Southern Wilds, is the youngest.
Nine-year-old American child actor Quvenzhane Wallis won breakthrough performance for her portrayal of Hushpuppy in 'Beasts of the Southern Wild.