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She sees Coriolanus not as a purely self-sufficient aristocratic husbandman, nor even in a more correctly Xenophonic supervisory role, but as the seasonal hired hand of that great impersonal husbandman, the commonwealth.
17) "By seynt mary syr," says the Husbandman, or farmer, responding to this familiar objection, "that is a starcke lye" (656).
It is the mark set on those, who not looking up to heaven, to their own soil and industry, as does the husbandman, for their subsistence, depend for it on the casualties and caprice of customers.
Although growth metaphors--teacher as nurturer, husbandman, gardener--place tremendous responsibilities on teachers to create the inner and outer environments most conducive to learning (to prepare the soil), they also underscore how learning always involves hard and persistent work and a measure of serendipity, of plain and often dumb good luck, and suggest the lively presence of magic and mystery.
The Husbandman, the Labourer, and the Country Gentleman may in the use of arms and discipline be inferior to the Professional Soldier.
The husbandman is subsequently punished and the vineyard distributed to others.
82) Geyer's personal relationship with the Company and its interests was vividly coloured by the image of Geyer as the careful husbandman.
Ann's father was a successful husbandman, while Will's father had been a prosperous glove-maker, property owner, and public official before suffering great financial losses in the 1570s.
As you go through that imaginative act of understanding what an apple tree wants, you find that you are a better husbandman.
His ignominious end, however, is just desserts because his narrative is that of the husbandman who turns against his master and the master's servants in the Parable of the Wicked Tenants.
The star of the show is Edward Barlow, son of a poor Lancastrian husbandman, who left home at fourteen in 1657 for a succession of temporary jobs and, ultimately, a career at sea.
She transcends her age by force of will, illusion, and brilliant acting--with the help of her adoring partner Stuart Hodes as the Husbandman.
Lansquenets get on with what they have been paid to do, just as Phocion's widow, imagined by Poussin, buries the remains of her husband whilst the inattentive husbandman tends his fields.
However, Davies Gilbert's Ancient English Carols was raided for "The Servingman and the Husbandman, and 'The Reaphook and the Sickle' was borrowed from Sumner's The Besom Maker.
Rossetti's poetry returns again and again to the inadequacy of current-day artists when judged by their predecessors: his three-sonnet sequence in The House of Life subtitled "Old and New Art," for example, contains a curious admonition to Rossetti and his contemporaries to continue to work even "Though God has since found none such as these were"--that is, the first laborers in the arts--"To do their work like them" ("The Husbandman," ll.