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Antonyms for husbandly

befitting or characteristic of a husband

related to or suited to a husband

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It turns out that Wakefield's husbandly manner and bearing, his pseudo-Byronic loose and rambling modes, are hardly worth dwelling upon.
23) Hartog notes that a "man's identity and his honor were deeply tied to his marital status," which also served as a "foundation for republican political virtue": "loss of husbandly identity, loss of control over one's dependents, was a disaster, a source of overwhelming shame" (101).
Wife-beating and marital rape, once judicious uses of husbandly authority, are now illegal domestic violence.
was the wife of his commissary officer who apparently turned a blind eye on the affair--not very husbandly, but no doubt good career planning
But, when on one of his trips home, he could not perform his husbandly duties; Simonia was beside herself.
Chancellery officials in the 1880s tended to enforce husbandly prerogatives.
Juno is not deceived by this ruse, and she demands that Jupiter hand over the attractive beast to her as a token of his husbandly affection.
It seems his husbandly duties to Basma leave him little time for other projects,
Nevertheless, Petruchio refuses to conform to the generic conventions of husbandly behavior, and instead of beating or raping his wife, he lectures her, performing his duty as a humanist educator.
Theophilus, in turn, increasingly complained to his wife, parishioners, and friends about Elizabeth's neglect of domestic duties (she preferred to write and read), her view of motherhood, her unwillingness to submit to husbandly authority, and especially her outlandish religious beliefs, which merged elements of radical spiritualism, perfectionism, and republican political theory.
When this transpires and the colony recognizes "colonial rule as a manly or husbandly or lordly prerogative," colonial power becomes, at its conception, understood as masculine power (5).
42) Describing this as a case involving, not husbandly neglect (given that Mrs.
Throughout the play, he serves as a foil for Winnie's musings and a parody of husbandly detachment.
When Miranda gets pregnant by her ex-boyfriend Steve, her decision to have the child is hedged about with defenses against his attempts to play a husbandly role.
William had done his husbandly business, then had dropped into a deep, twitchy sleep.