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The players didn't really look like they are hurting.
Those who say that news consumption on the Internet is, on balance, hurting journalism note the way the online experience is changing reader habits," the poll stated.
How can I tell my best friend that I'm not her personal bank machine without hurting her feelings?
When staff notice this kid is hurting, they don't necessarily have to jump in immediately, but can build the social worth of this child by giving him or her their attention at another time.
My knees started hurting during basketball season this year.
If one part of the body is hurting, the whole body hurts.
Thoughts of killing or hurting oneself are even more common in patients diagnosed with a pulmonary disease than in those with major depression, reports a team led by Renee D.
The knee will begin hurting whenever the runner goes up the stairs or down, and sometimes in both cases.
An intelligent, proud, angry, violent, light-complexioned black man, Himes also confesses in his autobiography and suggests in some of the interviews to having "always been something of a snob" and hurting, sometimes viciously, others, especially women.