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Synonyms for hurriedly



Synonyms for hurriedly

in a hurried or hasty manner

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The tipstaffs beat upon the rail, the lawyer he had interrupted uttered an indignant exclamation, Andrews came hurriedly toward him, and the young judge slowly turned his head.
Had some one spun the top with him, it would have vanished; and presently, no doubt at the bidding of an oath I could not hear, he hurriedly thrust the top into his pocket, and once more joined the straining group of men.
Then, addressing me in a louder tone, he hurriedly exclaimed, "Listen: no stranger must witness what you have witnessed.
It seemed A muffled march of soldiers hurriedly Sped to the night attack with muffled mouths, When no command is heard, only the tramp Of men and horses onward.
I have heard upwards of ten score of windlasses spring like one into clanking life in the dead of night, filling the Downs with a panic-struck sound of anchors being torn hurriedly out of the ground at the first breath of his approach.
So late from Heaven - that dew - it fell(Mid dreams of an unholy night) Upon me - with the touch of Hell, While the red flashing of the light From clouds that hung, like banners, o'er, Appeared to my half-closing eye The pageantry of monarchy, And the deep trumpet-thunder's roar Came hurriedly upon me, telling Of human battle, where my voice, My own voice, silly child
No one runs so hurriedly to the cover of respectability as the unconventional woman who has exposed herself to the slings and arrows of outraged propriety.
An old woman opened to them and bowed low to Parfen, who asked her some questions hurriedly, but did not wait to hear her answer.
The elderly lady who had been sitting with the old aunt rose hurriedly and overtook Prince Vasili in the anteroom.
a high-pitched voice shouted, and a seven-year-old boy in a black sheepskin coat, new white felt boots, and a warm cap, ran hurriedly out of the house into the yard.
When he stopped at the door for a last look at her, she hurriedly turned her head so that her face was hidden from him.
Don't let Leslie suspect you know her secret," said Anne hurriedly.
I begs yer pardon," apologized the girl, hurriedly.
though I've no right to ask such a question," he added hurriedly.
returned the other, chinking a few shillings together, and hurriedly pressing them into his hand.