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an oil lamp with a glass chimney and perforated metal lid to protect the flame from high winds

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Illuminate your garden with t lights, hanging votive candles, hurricane lamps and flares | 3.
The Istiqlal hospital and Indira Gandhi children's hospital in Kabul and the Herat burns and plastic surgery hospital say that the most common causes of burns are gas canister explosions, hurricane lamps, children falling in the kiln, scalding from overturned boiling water and electric shocks.
Choose from House of Fraser''s Linea silver base hurricane lamp, pounds 30, or a cluster of Betty Jackson''s glass tealight holders etched with a black teardrop design, from pounds 18 for a set of three, from Debenhams.
To this day, living in America, where the evening is dominated by bright lights, teenage children blaring rap music, television, computers, video games with loud sound effects, and the ringing of the telephone, I still have a nostalgic yearning to eat a quiet dinner outside under a hurricane lamp or the moonlight, while engaging in relaxed conversation.
When they predict a hurricane, you board up your windows, tether your boat, and clean your hurricane lamp.
Should the Alan King-trained Hurricane Lamp turn up for the Logistic Handicap Chase at Wincanton on Thursday then take the hint.
Candlelight is always a superb aid to creating an intimate atmosphere in a room, and for our New Bohemia look I've selected the Ore Gold Caged Hurricane Lamp.
Hurricane lamp with marble base, PS40; large copper bowl, PS10; Medina tumbler, PS12; shiny copper box, PS9; Fusion laundry bin, PS69; large round bamboo storage basket, PS25; Fusion flower saffron bath towel, PS18; Patagonia grey hand towel, PS10; rustic ball candle, PS4; small rustic round pillar candle, PS5; large rustic round pillar candle, PS10; Croft Collection boucle bath mat, PS25.
The food items included rice, flour, cooking oil, pulses while the non-food items included family tent, blanket, tarpaulin sheet, stove, kitchen set, hurricane lamp, mosquito net, CGI Sheet, shelter tool kit, Jerry Cane and hygiene kit.
A hurricane lamp and a handy hook for hanging it from - The Glam Camping Company - www.
From the same family as Martin''s Lamp and Hurricane Lamp, he should progress significantly with experience.
TOP TIP: Tess Heslop, creator behind organic home fragrance brand Ochre & Ocre says: "Fill one third of a hurricane lamp with black peppercorns and place one of our beeswax candles in the middle.
For the perfect finishing touch, a glass hurricane lamp with cerise candle will provide an ambient glow to your living room of an evening and provide a vibrant focal point during the day.
Alan King's charge has some illustrious relatives to live up to being a half-sister to 12-times winner Hurricane Lamp and classy performer Martin's Lamp, but she is not without ability herself.
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