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Synonyms for hurl

Synonyms for hurl

to send through the air with a motion of the hand or arm

Synonyms for hurl

a violent throw


Related Words

throw forcefully

make a thrusting forward movement

utter with force

References in classic literature ?
But we remembered the seafaring bowmen of the days of our glory--it is the memory of these which we hurl upon our enemies."
"Hurl your own bowmen against Tario's!" he cried to Jav.
As for Porthos, after having hurled the barrel of powder amidst his enemies, he had fled, as Aramis had directed him to do, and had gained the last compartment, into which air, light, and sunshine penetrated through the opening.
The Nome King had left his throne and pressed through his warriors to the front ranks, so he could see what was going on; but as he faced Ozma and her friends the Scarecrow, as if aroused to action by the valor of the private, drew one of Billina's eggs from his right jacket pocket and hurled it straight at the little monarch's head.
She approached and Tarzan removed the weapon and hurled it after the other.
Tarzan turned the key in the lock of the door and hurled the former through the window after the pistols.
During the brief respite while they were gathering their ammunition, Numa had settled himself to feed; but scarce had he arranged himself and his kill when a sharp piece of rock hurled by the practiced hand of the ape-man struck him upon the cheek.
The weight of the boy's body hurled the black heavily to the ground, the knees in his back knocking the breath from him as he struck.
Guards sprang to drag Thuvia away, but ere they had succeeded she had hurled a volley of commands at the listening brutes, and as one they turned and marched back into their dens.
I felt that perhaps my time had come when he reached for me with one of his giant paws; but I dodged him, and running a few paces to the right hurled down another missile.
Heavy spears were hurled and mighty war-clubs wielded, and though apes went down never to rise, so, too, went down the men of Ugambi.
"Should we be hurled to the ground?" asked Kennedy.
He hurled a pineapple at the ancient enemy of his people.
Presently I shall stuff my folded manuscript into the thermos bottle I have carried with me for the purpose since I left the fort--Fort Dinosaur we named it--and hurl it far outward over the cliff-top into the Pacific.