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a musical instrument that makes music by rotation of a cylinder studded with pegs

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For instance, does the image of the wretched hurdy-gurdy man in the final song make the listener question what Bostridge calls the "self-indulgence" of the protagonist, who is wallowing in despair rather than combatting it?
Other guests include George Papavgeris, Anthony John Clarke, Geoff Higginbottom and hurdy-gurdy wizard, Damien Clarke of Pressgang.
3,4) 68 Worsening of patient's condition (7) 69 Silkworm's case (6) 70 Former Chancellor, - - - Lamont (6) 71 Seize control (of a vehicle) (6) 73 Large mountain goat (4) 76 Comfortable (2,4) 78 Excitable (5) 79 Hurdy-gurdy (6,5) 80 Horse-drawn transport (10) 85 Reversal (5-4) 86 Apple brandy (8) 87 Whisper (7) 88 Kiss
I walked and weaved through crowds, past street artists and even a hurdy-gurdy musician selling his tunes on compact disc.
There are numerous distinctive instrumental traditions, from the virtuoso styles of bagpiping, hurdy-gurdy and fiddle playing found in the Auvergne and neighbouring regions to, for example, the survival in Provence, the Gironde, and the Pyrenees-Atlantiques of performances by combinations of three-hole pipes and percussion.
AMERICAN viewers think Cheryl Cole sounds like hurdy-gurdy Muppet the Swedish Chef, claims Simon Cowell.
The group blends medieval melodies and instrumentation with modern and international flavors using a variety of authentic medieval instruments, including rauschpfiefes, shawm, hurdy-gurdy, bagpipe and hand-drums.
He will be bringing the orchestra, which also features a hurdy-gurdy, bass, guitar and violin, along with him.
Jetlag and the bizarre hurdy-gurdy commentary make for quite a surreal hour.
Hurdy-gurdy sounds Soften the glow of streetlamps In the evening dusk.
Hazar Bassem, 20, is wearing a denim skirt and high-heeled court shoes as she practices patiently on the hurdy-gurdy, or wheel fiddle.
Thompson, accompanied by the percussionist Debra Dobkin and the Llanelli-born pianist and singer Judith Owen, divided the gig into two halves: the first ranged from a 13th-century hurdy-gurdy opener to Gilbert and Sullivan, taking in an Italian renaissance song, a carol from 1700, Purcell's Dido's Lament (hauntingly sung by Owen) and a music hall turn.
Of especial interest is Le Vent du Nord's inclusion of the traditional French hurdy-gurdy, a stringed instrument with a rotating wheel that acts a constant bow, known for being notoriously difficult to properly tune.
That background, combined with wife Regine Chassagne's classical training in mandolin and jazz, plus a handful of other bandmates playing everything from a hurdy-gurdy to a motorcycle helmet, results in Neon Bible, a rumbling cacophony of mournful ballads and pounding anthems.
So, instead of images of weeping frozen tears, a forlorn hurdy-gurdy man standing barefoot on the ice, carrion crows circling overhead, and a general despair of loneliness, isolation, and lovelessness, Susan Friesen's winter journey expresses the beauty of her island's isolation, of snowdrifts along fence lines, snow-crusted country roads, wind-drifted contours of snow banks, the stark outline of bare trees against white fields, and the beautiful paleness of winter twilight.