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a license authorizing the bearer to kill a certain type of animal during a specified period of time

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The value of hunting permits would be finalized on basis of bids submitted by hunters, Niaz informed.
Every state manages the distribution of elk hunting permits differently.
As a non-native species, hogs can be hunted year-round in Texas with no limit, although a hunting permit is required.
In Canada, however, a Federal Migratory Game Bird Hunting Permit is issued with the Canadian Wildlife Habitat Conservation Stamp and is good in any Canadian province.
You can also get a certified Zombie Hunting Permit which allows you no limits on zombies, but does remind you to "Please decapitate and burn all remains.
Migratory Game Bird Hunting Permit sales in Newfoundland and Labrador in 1984 to 2006 were extracted from Canadian Wildlife Service (CWS) files, and used as an index of annual potential harvest pressure.
Q: How did the Otterlo Business Corporation of the United Arab Emirates get the infamous hunting permit in the Loliondo Game Controlled Area in 1992?
Defra says exemptions from the offence of illegal hunting permit "stalking and flushing out, use of a dog below ground, in the course of stalking and flushing out, to protect birds being kept or preserved for shooting, hunting rats and rabbits, retrieval of hares which have been shot, falconry, recapture of wild mammals, rescue of wild mammals and research and observation.
The bowmen also object to claims that their sport is unsafe, noting that archers must pass safety classes before obtaining a hunting permit.
One CV question asked about their willingness to pay for an "either sex" deer hunting permit and the other asked about their willingness to pay for an "antlerless" deer hunting permit at Sandhill.
Justin Bauersachs, Pinckneyville, was cited for a deer hunting permit violation and violation of state park rules.
Mariano showed the team a photocopy of a treasure hunting permit supposedly issued on Aug.
American hunter, Geff Lee Demaske had arrived Chitral a few days earlier after obtaining the hunting permit from Wildlife Department for Rs.
Open Competition: Provision Of Services For The Modernization Of Automated Information Systems Of State And Municipal Services Trust In Implementing The Functional Transfer Of Public Services For Issuing Hunting Permit In Electronic Form, Using A Single Form Of Public Service In The Federal Public Information System Unified Portal Of Public And Municipal Services ( Functions) And Automation Of Activities For The Protection, Use And Reproduction Of Fauna Of The Altai Republic
Answering another question of permit extension, he said that concerned officials had allegedly extended the hunting permit of this bird to 10 year only for doing corruption.