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  • verb

Synonyms for hunker

to stoop low with the limbs pulled in close to the body

to sit on one's heels


Synonyms for hunker

sit on one's heels

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The fiberglass booth hunkers down on the seabed of Hideaway Island, a coral atoll (donut-shaped reef island enclosing a lagoon).
The article notes that calorie intakes are surging as the nation hunkers down, citing our tendency to cope with national crises by indulging in food.
Pothoff has about an hour to digest the day's financial news and decide which way the Wall Street wind is blowing before he hunkers down for his daily ride on a financial roller coaster.
Bih, his female counterpart, hunkers down to feast on a tattooed human arm.
To outwit hungry predators, for example, the hand-size fish hunkers down on the ocean floor, looking more like an algae-covered rock than a tasty meal.