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Synonyms for hungry

Synonyms for hungry

desiring or craving food

having a strong urge to obtain or possess something, especially material wealth, in quantity

Synonyms for hungry

feeling hunger


(usually followed by 'for') extremely desirous

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Ten percent of Filipinos will sleep each night hungry. Feed the hungry is a corporal work of mercy,' he said.
Noodles will partner with No Kid Hungry for a fourth year and offer guests a free Shareable with $2 donation during Hunger Action Month in September.
Sources told that Jam Kamal will be investigated in regard to his visit to MOL headquarters Hungry.
That's why I came back hungry, the guys also came back hungry to achieve even more," the club's official website quoted Wijnaldum as saying.
But you may not have heard that Zac Deem, who earlier this month opened the first Hungry Howie's in Arkansas at 10300 N.
The eerie sight of webs covering shrubs and hedges is being seen across the county as thousands of the hungry caterpillars strip them of their leaves.
I recently noticed that I am always hungry. Funny enough with all the food I eat, I am still lean.
SWS' quarterly monitoring of economic deprivation allows separate analysis of the poor versus the non-poor, and the hungry versus the non-hungry, in every Social Weather Survey.
The low-key friar in his mid-80s, who wears a simple brown robe and sandals, feeds the poor and hungry every day of the year.
5 -- Hungry Dragon can be considered a spiritual sequel to the Hungry Shark series of titles, and takes the action to the air.
Auto Business News-August 28, 2018--Chrysler brand collaborates with No Kid Hungry
M2 EQUITYBITES-August 28, 2018--Chrysler brand collaborates with No Kid Hungry
The Netheron Hungry Horse on Church Road is set to close on Monday, July 23 for a major revamp.
Another picture posted by Andreas Pereira seemed to suggest Tuanzebe had set the record for playing the game Hungry Hippos.