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Synonyms for hungry

Synonyms for hungry

desiring or craving food

having a strong urge to obtain or possess something, especially material wealth, in quantity

Synonyms for hungry

feeling hunger


(usually followed by 'for') extremely desirous

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We are extremely proud to have raised three tons of food for Long Island's hungriest and are thankful for the support we've received from the community," said Jim Molloy, president of Molloy Bros.
Lead singer Tim Booth appeared happiest of all to be back and hungriest to please.
With all the meat and sides to contend with, even the hungriest in our party couldn't clean his plate.
Large enough to feed the hungriest family, The Big Baron[TM] Pizza has the same legendary classic style crust and quality toppings, but it is 50% larger than original Red Baron[R] pizzas.
Once one of Africa's top farming nations, it has become one of its hungriest under its autocratic ruler, Robert G.
One might expect that people with the highest background ghrelin concentrations in their blood would be the hungriest, eat the most, and end up fattest.
While Gibson's Passion served up supersized portions of blood and guts, satisfying even the hungriest appetites for cinematic violence, Kinsey is not really a very sexy movie.
The thin, white larvae do some feeding on roots of the host and leave snaky markings on potatoes, but the adults are the hungriest competitors for our garden groceries, and most damage is done to the foliage.
In our reproducible skills pages you will find important terms to know along with statistics on the hungriest countries, historical famines, hunger-related health problems, and institutions that do important work in the fight against this never-ending problem.
FibreArray 2208 can satisfy the hungriest Database needs as well as Video broadcast and editing requirements.
For young men with the will to work and move ahead, there will be progress to satisfy the hungriest.
If we can sustain this, then we can come fairly close to our monthly goal of 52,000 tons and have enough food to feed the hungriest in Afghanistan.
The hungriest chicks win calling contests while the parents are away, and when the parents return with food, their siblings refrain from begging until the hungriest youngster is fed first.
The ten countries with the hungriest people are Somalia, Eritrea, Burundi, Mozambique, Afghanistan, Ethiopia, the Comoros, the Congo, Djibouti, and Chad.