hung jury

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a jury that is unable to agree on a verdict (the result is a mistrial)

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Slager is scheduled to face state murder charges in August after an initial trial ended in a hung jury in December.
Kelli Stargel, R-Lakeland, disagreed, calling the present system efficient and said Margolis hadn't made her case and that the larger panels would increase the chance of a hung jury.
Legal observers blamed the hung jury on the lack of a manslaughter option.
DJ Dave Lee Travis was the first person to go through a trial under Yewtree, but the proceedings ended with him being acquitted on 12 indecent assault charges, and a hung jury on one count of the same charge and a count of sexual assault.
If the jury cannot muster either a unanimous vote to convict or 10 votes to acquit, it is considered a hung jury.
The first four-month trial ended in a hung jury last August.
The monsignor was acquitted of one child endangerment charge and one conspiracy charge, both related to co-defendant Brennan, whose case resulted in a hung jury, and will be retried in the spring.
But it apparently persuaded two jurors at his second trial, which ended in March with a hung jury.
The first trial resulted in a hung jury while the re-trial was halted when a senior barrister fell ill.
A hung jury resulted in a mistrial, after which a second grand jury brought more than 100 new charges against him.
Typically when you have a hung jury and the case gets retried it is better for the prosecution than the defense; and this proves it again," said Peter A.
The trial ended in a hung jury in 2007 and the actor admitted a misdemeanour rather than face a re-trial.
Thus, in 87% of the disagreements about guilt or innocence, the jury was more lenient than the judge was, and in 79% of the disagreements arising from a hung jury, the jury was more lenient than the judge.
Ringleader Twomey has already faced three trials over the robbery but evaded justice thanks to a heart attack in the first and a hung jury in the second.
THE trial of a Royal Marine commando accused of attacking a female guest at a company masked ball ended with a hung jury yesterday.