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Synonyms for hundredth

position 100 in a countable series of things

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one part in a hundred equal parts

the ordinal number of one hundred in counting order

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I am doing my last possible lap and nailed it by three hundredths of a second.
In Rio she missed bronze by two hundredths of a second and gold by six hundredths.
00 (say: seven thousand eight hundred thirty-nine and 00 hundredths PLN) - Task 2 - 719,00 PLN (say: seven hundred nineteen and 00 hundredths PLN
Yarnold sat second after the first run on Friday just two hundredths of a second behind leader Tina Hermann of Germany.
A few other runners completed their hundredths on Saturday but he was the youngest by a long way.
In the girls' 200m breaststroke there were narrow defeats for Scott-Stuart by 14 hundredths of a second.
The coins themselves do not "model" the difference in size between tenths and hundredths and the coins could easily give the appearance of whole numbers (e.
By means of optical, acoustic, and electronic measurements, the team detected that the mock eggs leaped a fraction of a millimeter off the surface for up to a few hundredths of a second.
In the Bank Competition, they are in pounds and hundredths of a pound (e.
5 and 1 hundredths per minute (at peak times); * simple transit: between ECU 0.
3 tenths and 2 hundredths, or 32 hundredths, or 32/100, since each of the three strips has 10 hundredths.
For example, valves opening fractions of a second too soon or too late, motors starting or stopping a few hundredths of a second late, and sensors not being detected in a timely manner are common sequencing errors that may only be in the range a few hundredths of a second and not be detectable with conventional means.
Six pounds twenty nine and fifty-one hundredths of a penny a hour; the powers that be can't even be bothered to round it up by forty-nine hundredths of a penny to make it PS6.
The result means that Onuora, 27, remains in second place in the British rankings behind Jessica Ennis, but is now just five hundredths of a second adrift.