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Synonyms for hundredth

position 100 in a countable series of things

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one part in a hundred equal parts

the ordinal number of one hundred in counting order

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References in classic literature ?
Well then, down ye go here, Ishmael, for the three hundredth lay.
A woman who doesn't exist any longer, and the clothes that gave her her sex burnt up and the ashes thrown away-- oh, certainly, he'll find HER easy enough!" This reflection set him to admiring, for the hundredth time, the shrewd ingenuities by which he had insured himself against detection--more, against even suspicion.
'It's a really tight race, seven hundredths of a second to fourth place, these races are tough.
I am doing my last possible lap and nailed it by three hundredths of a second.
Peaty won the final in 26.48 seconds - a time just six hundredths of a second short of his own worldrecord mark in the non-Olympic event.
In Rio she missed bronze by two hundredths of a second and gold by six hundredths.
Yarnold sat second after the first run on Friday just two hundredths of a second behind leader Tina Hermann of Germany.
"A few other runners completed their hundredths on Saturday but he was the youngest by a long way.
In the girls' 200m breaststroke there were narrow defeats for Scott-Stuart by 14 hundredths of a second.
He had gone into the championships as favourite but had to settle for silver behind Libya's Mohamed Khouaja, who dipped two hundredths of a second below 45sec.
The hundred square has the disadvantage of only discretely representing hundredths. MAB, commonly used for whole numbers, can be reconceptualised to introduce decimals, where the "block" is now considered as a "one," the flat as a tenth, and so on.
Defago overcame an early error and a dip in the mid-section of the course to eclipse Svindal's time by seven hundredths of a second.
JENNY MEADOWS hopes Caster Semenya isn't a gender bender - because she'd rather keep bronze than miss the world title by just three hundredths of a second.
Maurice Greene began the era of chunk-taking when he took five hundredths off Bailey s mark.