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Synonyms for hump


get the hump


  • sulk
  • mope
  • be in the doldrums
  • get the blues
  • be down in the dumps

Synonyms for hump

an unevenness or elevation on a surface

to incline the body

Synonyms for hump

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With both tags filled, I spent my last full day on Humpy Lake battling hard-fighting lake trout.
Should Yifan, who is the reigning women's world champion, successfully defend her title later this year, Humpy will be the challenger to play a 10-game match against Yifan next year.
THE war between Grandmaster Koneru Humpy and the All India Chess Federation ( AICF) honorary secretary DV Sundar intensified as the former wrote on Sunday, " the situation is warming up and I'm getting excited
HUMPY RIDE: Chris and Steve on camel; BLISS: The harbour at Puerto Calero; SIP-ERB: Coco Loco cocktail
Humpy Wheeler, the president and general manager of Lowe's Motor Speedway, predicted Carl Edwards would win this year's NASCAR Nextel Cup Series All-Star race.
The Humpy Lake region, north of Yellowknife, continues to be hot with its sixth world record tagged in 2004.
While there has been no reaction from the Jones' camp, quotes from fans on a Tom Jones website included 'it seems to me that Humpy has a bad case of jealousy' and 'maybe he should stuff the hankie in his mouth
A self-built humpy may be seen by a community development worker as testament to years of skilfully acquiring materials and ingenious bushcraft, and appropriate to the economic resources of the person building it.
At the 7,200-foot crest, a million-dollar vista unfolds: the craggy, snowcapped summits of Glacier National Park, the humpy Whitefish Range, the rugged Bob Marshall Wilderness, and gleaming Flathead Lake, the West's largest natural freshwater lake.
Other members of The Rikoson All Stars are Sergio Lebron, Willie Cortez, Luis Disla, Johnny Velazquez, Pablo "Chino" Nunez, Papo Pepin, Harry Adorno, Jose Claussell, Luis Bauzo, Ricky Gonzalez, Oscar Hernandez, Excer Rivera, Johnny Torres, Humpy Troche, Carlos Velazquez, Reynaldo Jorge, William Cepeda, Louis Bonilla, Chris Washburne, Papo Vazquez, Hector Colon, Keko Hernandez, Mario Hernandez, Ozzie Cardona and Ernie Rodriguez.
What kind of thing are you looking at when you face the humpy bodies in Proctor/Renaldi's super 8's, 1995, pornolike strips of film, or in Boneboyz's puppy, 1995, where the pup is a swarthy, dog-collared unknown?
Jolly, played by Richard Blenkiron, led the dwarfs in a lov ely rendition of Hi-Ho, Sneezer played by Binde Johal threatened to blow the set away and Humpy played by Phillips was a perfect combination of protective and grumpy.
Ju could not break the Queen's Indian defence of Koneru Humpy of India and the two players agreed to split point on the 45th move after nearly five hours of play.
It's really incredible," said Humpy Wheeler, CEO and one of the co-founders of Speedway Benefits with his son, Trip.