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No European could have made five miles a day over the ice- rubbish and the sharp-edged drifts; but those two knew exactly the turn of the wrist that coaxes a sleigh round a hummock, the jerk that nearly lifts it out of an ice-crack, and the exact strength that goes to the few quiet strokes of the spear-head that make a path possible when everything looks hopeless.
He would declare that he heard the tornaq growling to him, and would run wildly up a hummock, tossing his arms and speaking in loud, threatening tones.
On the top of a hummock sat or crouched the eight-legged Thing that they had seen three days before--and it howled horribly.
We had just floundered and flopped round a bend, when I saw an islet, a mere grassy hummock of bright green, in the middle of the stream.
Comanche floundered across the hummock, the inert body following, and together, horse and man, they plunged from sight.
My lawn needs topping which means taking the hummocks off and not cutting the grass short.
This is the case reported from the Nile Delta where deposits of sand, sandy clay and impure silt form higher longitudinal hummocks (turtle backs) over the Delta surface (Wendorf et al.
Puffing quickly uphill, searching for suitable hidey holes among the hummocks, brushy clumps, and leaning skeletons of fire-killed spruce, we were not quite into position when the huge bull unexpectedly appeared on the skyline and stood glaring down on us.
But take a leisurely hike on the Hummocks Trail--a short loop inside the Mt.
This 100-mile (161km) long by 40-mile (65-km) wide island is dominated in the north by spruce forests, while the interior is dense with lush vegetation, and the southwest is covered with grassy hummocks.
The deciphering gaze skips and scrutinizes, swept over planes and mounds, hollows and hummocks, to stick on the dense, folded, concentrated structures, especially when they cut into the body.
He was maybe a mile away, but, as Dillow observed, no one measures distances accurately at night, especially through brush, over logs and across hummocks.
The playwright explains how his own tree planting came about: "There is a hillside within sight of the house," he says, 'a swampy area with hummocks and a lot of stone.
Network analysis shows that from 2016-17, for an outage of the Hummocks to Bungama 132 kV transmission line, voltage levels at the Ardrossan West, Dalrymple, and Kadina East connection points will drop below 90% of the nominal voltage.
The car park is being re-designed and resurfaced, with hillocks and hummocks created to provide elevated views across the reserve and the Conwy Valley.