hummingbird moth

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any of various moths with long narrow forewings capable of powerful flight and hovering over flowers to feed

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Hummingbird clearwing and snowberry clearwing are two of the most common hummingbird moths in the United States.
CREEPY CRAWLIES: Caterpillar photographed by David Mitchell BEAUTIFUL INSECT: David Hawley's photo of a hummingbird moth
And I can predict that the noisy hummingbird moth will have lots of people phoning the zoo saying 'Help, I've got a hummingbird in my garden'.
A hummingbird moth hovers and hovers at a woman wearing a cochineal-dyed flowery dress.
Bats darted here and there, eating bugs, and hummingbird moths flitted softly among the velvet petals of my mother's petunias, dimly visible by the yard light.