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Synonyms for humiliate




Synonyms for humiliate

to deprive of esteem, self-worth, or effectiveness

Synonyms for humiliate

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He added he had told them that the constitution had no provision to let any institution or any person humiliate any other institution.
The MNA added that his arrest was deliberately carried out in order to humiliate an elected representative of the people.
Workers told WAFA that soldiers manning the checkpoint throw coffee at them, verbally abuse and humiliate them and delay them for hours when they try to cross the checkpoint to reach their work places in Israel.
It was her fourth appearance on the show, and there was no other reason for her being on it, other than to mock and humiliate her.
Officials in Ankara said in response that Israel was first to humiliate passengers, adding that Turkish tourists were harassed at Ben-Gurion International Airport on Sunday evening, hours before the incident at Istanbul's airport the next morning, Haaretz said.
To watch an Irishman talk to some of the world's most famous people, and then humiliate an American.
org poll taken in 21 nations concludes that Iranians--more than any other people surveyed--believe the United States purposefully tries to humiliate the Islamic world.
The reason was not because they wanted to humiliate their sisters or their monks, although it looked like that from the outside.
But I think - and this is directed at my dear coach - that you should not humiliate players for too long.
The Chancellor fears voters could humiliate Blair with a backlash against Labour - even though they have a formidable 18,449 majority in the Sedgefield constituency.
Defined as "words that are used as weapons to ambush, terrorize, wound, humiliate, and degrade" (Cowan, Resendez, Marshall, & Quist, 2002, p.
This proves that Miss Temple doesn't need the Cabinet Office to humiliate her, she is quite good at doing the job herself.
Perhaps hoping to humiliate Carter, the militants delayed their release until the day of Reagan's inauguration, January 20.
Some of the attack was filmed by Liam Price, as some sort of trophy and no doubt to further humiliate the victim by showing it to others.
Sudanese police arrested dozens of women protesting on Tuesday against laws they say humiliate women after a video of a woman being flogged in public appeared on the Internet, Reuters reported.