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Synonyms for humbleness

lack of vanity or self-importance

Synonyms for humbleness

the state of being humble and unimportant

a humble feeling

a disposition to be humble

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However, later while clarifying Gehlot asserted that he had the greatest regards for President Kovind and was impressed with his simplicity and humbleness.
He used to treat his patients with generosity and humbleness. He was not only a good teacher, but a competent doctor and an excellent man.
Jamia Masjid Khateeb Mulana Abdul Wajid appreciated the gesture of the top officers of Hazara division who according to him were sheer example of humbleness and people who are really public servants.
But they illustrated a work ethic and, to use Solskjaer's word, "humbleness" that once again was so clearly lacking in PSG.
"Judge Scully's knowledge of the law, experiences prosecuting and defending, his genuine demeanor, his humbleness, and his assertiveness made him a great judge for the people of Lake County," Chief Judge Jay W.
The performance included music and comedy in between social subjects such as good, evil, and humbleness. The director of production for the play, Sultan Shahir, said, "The Bats is a story about good and evil and brotherhood.
We truly hope that the optimism around the formation of a new Cabinet in the coming week, based on positive signs that sacrifices and humbleness are afoot, is not misplaced.
"His warmth, humour and humbleness will be dearly missed by his loyal listeners and those who worked with him," said a statement by the station.
James Aramouni's warmth, humour and humbleness will be dearly missed by his loyal listeners and those who worked with him."
While education is key to success in life, hospitality is a service industry in which attitude, humbleness, and the right skillset are the basic pillars.
Humbleness, elegance, humility and soberness were the ingredients of her personality.
One of the things I hope we are careful in maintaining - because it's a very important part of City and this organisation - is to maintain humbleness.
I really enjoyed this statement by South Korea's president, and am convinced now even more that Moon Jae-in is, to say it in Trump's language, the "stable genius" who will make Korea "great again." The sentence is a masterpiece in diplomacy, just subtle enough for its purpose, in psychology and in the Asian discipline of the not completely unselfish humbleness to bend low to succeed.
Meanwhile, a resident of another slum community, West Point Township, Clarence Toe says he is excited that Liberia now has a President who is so much concern about the living condition of the people, adding that Weah is the only person that is best suited for the Presidency of Liberia, because of his humbleness.