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material that is high in humic acids

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common urea (46%N), Uber-10 (30%N), Meister-20 (40%N), Meister-27 (40%N), Humate Coated Urea (45%N), Duration Polymer Coated Urea Type-V (43%N) and Gold-N-Sulfur Coated Urea (41%N) were purchased from authorized dealer of local market.
Potassium humate can be applied to remove hydrogen sulfide and mercaptans from municipal gas supplies, and sulfur dioxide from stack gases.
Effect of humate on biological treatment of wastewater containing heavy metals.
Many apparently well-drained areas are underlain by humate, a hardpan which may perch the water table and provide the moisture moles and earthworms require.
Effect of sodium bentonite, mannan oligosaccharide and humate on performance and serum biochemical parameters during aflatoxicosis in broiler chickens.
70, consists of a cesium salt, and wherein the cesium salt is selected from a group consisting of cesium arginate, cesium ascorbate, cesium caprylate, cesium cysteinate, cesium fumarate, cesium humate, cesium fulvate, cesium methionate, cesium glutamate, cesium gluconate, cesium glycinate, cesium aspartate, cesium lysinate, cesium succinate, cesium carbonate, cesium lactate, cesium malate, cesium tartrate, cesium chloride, cesium sulfate, cesium phosphate, cesium nitrate, cesium bromide, cesium iodide, and cesium orotate, water, and one or more electrolytes.
Synthesis, characterization and swelling behaviors of sodium alginate-g-poly(acrylic acid)/ sodium humate superabsorbent.
In Elmore County, Idaho, research trials have been established since 1994 to evaluate the benefits of humate and biochar products on cropping systems.
2003, Modeling of metal humate complexation based on the mean molecular weight and charge of humic substances: Application to Eu(III) humate complexes using ion exchange method.
Microflora, associated with the processing of humus (nitrifying bacteria, humate mineralizers, Cellulose aerobic bacteria), is poorly developed in virgin soils compared to cultivated soil.
Seed treatment by potassium humate for 6-12 h and seed direct planting in greenhouse percent without seed germination under in vitro, caused to increase seed germination percent [7].
Effect of potassium humate and nitrogen fertilizer on herb and essential oil of oregano under different irrigation intervals.
Spivakov, Potential of capillary zone electrophoresis for estimation of humate acid-base properties, Journal of Chromatography A: 1183, 186-191 (2008).