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suggesting human characteristics for animals or inanimate things

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Dawson did a better job of forging humanlike wear on a tooth from the second site.
The robot has a humanlike appearance, the ability to be happy or sad and a good memory, researchers have claimed.
SCIENTISTS have discovered a new humanlike species in a burial chamber deep an African cave.
ISLAMABAD -- A robotstaffed hotel, said to be the world's first, is set to open in Japan in July where guests checking into the futuristic facility will be greeted and served by remarkably humanlike robots.
Terry's assortment of humanlike animals found its way into wartime comic books in a series from Marvel Comics' predecessor, Timely Comics, the same publisher that brought Captain America to wartime readers.
Moreau indulges in animal vivisection--turning animals into humanlike creatures--and Tsikurishvili believes this story can be related to today's world; he plans on creating an abstract production, from which audiences can draw their own conclusions.
job to an humanlike Like all forms of addiction the first step Haymonds is recognising that you have a problem in the first place.
One approach is to give them more humanlike physical capabilities.
The problem of believable or humanlike behavior is currently understudied in game AI.
A TV insider said yesterday: "Pudsey's humanlike dance moves would be perfect for the part.
Fiona said: "We felt that orangutans are very humanlike in their gestures, glances and general behaviour.
Valiant was recognized for his research into processes that help computers develop humanlike reasoning skills.
The hypothesis that Lucy is anatomically intermediate between apes and humans predicts that a point-by-point comparison will reveal a mixture of apelike features and humanlike features in the specimen.
METIman is covered with humanlike skin (think "Night of the Living Dead," but creepier) and will stop breathing and die if not treated properly, according to National Geographic.
METIman is covered with humanlike skin--think "Night of the Living Dead," but creepier--and will stop breathing and die if not treated properly, according to National Geographic.