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suggesting human characteristics for animals or inanimate things

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In their next study, the authors found that people who felt powerful felt they could better control skin cancer when it was described as if it had humanlike evil intentions to hurt people.
Yet the Malapa pair had humanlike hands capable of gripping and manipulating objects.
This tiny, humanlike species, nicknamed hobbits, lived from around 95,000 to 17,000 years ago in southeastern Asia.
At least 44,000 years ago, initial arrivals in Southeast Asia interbred with a humanlike population known as Denisovans that apparently had spread southward from Siberia.
(TAP) - Scientists on Wednesday announced the landmark discovery in Ethiopia of a nearly complete skull of an early human ancestor that lived 3.8 million years ago, a species boasting an intriguing mixture of apelike and humanlike characteristics.
When compared with other ancient bones, the cranium could change how anthropologists view a critical point in the evolution of humanlike primates.
Cinema nights will take over for the two weeks that will follow in cooperation with the Friends of Cinema Society with screenings of popular films Sing the first to be shown about an amusing song contest in a city of humanlike animals.
An ancient child with a mysterious evolutionary background represents the oldest known case of humanlike tooth growth in East Asia, researchers say, Science News reports.
Sadistic, humanlike aliens forced the dashing white captain to lock lips with the beautiful black communications officer.
The challenge of creating humanlike intelligence in machines remains greatly underestimated.
The aliens speak a different language but their facial expressions are remarkably humanlike.
Dolores is reintroduced as a gun-toting freedom fighter-quick-witted and formidable, the merciless leader of the 'hosts,' or the humanlike automatons.
"We are quite happy with things when they look a bit human-like but as soon as they get too humanlike, our happiness with it plunges through the floor.
This complements other self-service digital channels such as AI-powered chatbot 'Emma', which was launched in 2017 and specialises in answering home and renovation loan queries on the OCBC Bank website in an intelligent, humanlike way.
It uses DeepMind's new WaveNet audio-generation technique and other advances in natural language processing to make it sound more humanlike, The Verge reports.