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Thomas DOrazio, President and CEO of ImmunoPrecise stated, The introduction of these new technologies further expands ImmunoPrecises commercial and research and development activities in the humanizing space which is one of the Companys key strategic growth initiatives.
By humanizing a brand, a bank adds some new elements to this definition.
For these companies, humanizing themselves can only help.
Each article illustrates what it means to participate in a humanizing pedagogy that engages youth and adults in an ongoing process of transforming themselves and the world.
Labeling a person's identity with the term disorder is de humanizing and places people into a subgroup, perhaps accepted on the fringe but also pitied, or worse yet, fodder for "conversion" into "normalcy.
As you admit, the results of humanizing prefabricated construction may 'seem strange'.
Crossley provides an excellent semi-voiced performance in an informal, conversational style that is "sharing" rather than lecturing or pontificating, humanizing the text.
It humanized them, and in humanizing them demonstrated that they were no better than we and in many cases worse.
Theodor Adorno did not mean that poetry could not or should not exist but that poetry could no longer be thought of as a humanizing force.
In the second place, increased interest of institutions to offer humanized care, with adequate resources and optimal results for patients without losing sight of the economic profit, which seems to be the preponderant condition that guides their actions: institutions speak of humanizing care and it would sound as in opposition to what care should be because we are human beings caring for human beings; so we should not be talking of humanizing care (N.