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the act of making more human


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He suggested to pay attention to paralympic sports that usually, he said, assist to popularize humanization.
As disclosed previously, Genentech had advised Protein Design that it had determined that XOLAIR was not covered under the claims of Protein Design's relevant antibody humanization patents.
This apparent failure to differentiate between these two types of subject can interfere in the qualification of the care roles and, thus, in the presence or absence of humanization.
OTCBB: IMUC), a clinical-stage biotechnology company that is developing immune based therapies for the treatment of brain and other cancers, announced today that it has completed humanization of ICT-37 and ICT-109.
Contract notice: Asbestos removal work prior to the humanization work on the ehpad of the 5 ponds with soustons (40)
Kazakhstan conducts humanization of the criminal legislation in the economic sphere, said MP Ramazan Sarpekov during the media briefing in Astana on April 17.
He notes state territory and the settlement of disputes as among the areas where this humanization has had little or no impact.
The agreement also represents the initial result of our renewed commitment to generate new revenues from our platform, in addition to humanization and patent license agreements.
Carter brings with him over 20 years of experience in antibody engineering, and most notably played a key role in the humanization of multiple antibodies, including Herceptin[R] for HER2-overexpressing breast cancer.
Contract notice: Work contracts for the humanization of ehpad saint-jacques in mugron.
In total, the draft law includes 171 criminal offenses, significant humanization of the criminal law has been made.
Gaithersburg, MD) rights to obtain commercial licenses under PDL's antibody humanization patents for up to three humanized antibodies over a period of five years.
The Future of Biobanks: Regulation, ethics, investment and the humanization of drug discovery
Notice of Contract Award: Humanization of the residential complex vodren, Dvor c.
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