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Candidate Guan Zhong-min agreed that the humanities are important, and should strive to be as vibrant as the science and tech fields.
We are most appreciative of DC Whole Foods Markets for providing this opportunity for the DC Collaborative to raise funds and awareness of our collaborative work with more than 100 cultural institutional member organizations, schools and community leaders in support of more field-trip opportunities for DC public and public charter schools students," said Lissa Rosenthal-Yoffe, executive director of the DC Arts and Humanities Education Collaborative.
Given that today, Humanities Commons has more than 7,500 members, it's been a pretty successful pilot.
The conference is a means to get humanities research centres together and to recognize the important developments in the humanities research in order to exchange their knowledge and expertise.
The conference is also meant to bring humanities research centres together and recognise important developments in humanities research, to exchange knowledge and expertise.
In a culture where the humanities are constantly pronounced to be dying, Larry Andrews identifies bad omens-glut of unemployed PhDs, hard turn toward STEM-related curricula, focus on quantitative and measurable outcomes, financial cuts, "info-bits," social media, degeneration of political discourse-and also significant good omens that, no surprise here, are hard to describe in a simple list.
So if there is a crisis in the humanities, it is not only a question for college and university administrators.
But there are far more compelling implications for the way humanities scholars do their work than the convenience of easily searchable texts like Moby-Dick or the complete works of Shakespeare, as worthy as these projects are.
Essentially, her position is that the critical thinking and reflection acquired through the study of the humanities provides citizens with the capacity to see beyond local problems and loyalties and "imagine sympathetically the predicament of another person" (7).
The federal government should take responsibility for tracking the Humanities Indicators, just as for many years the National Science Foundation has been required by Congress to report on the state of the sciences.
Social science and humanities researchers make up more than half of all researchers at Canadian academic institutions," Stan Shapson, vice-president research & innovation at York says.
If the federal budget is an accurate reflection of priorities, then policymakers view the humanities as having at best a marginal role in meeting the challenges facing our nation.
Thanks to Henry Abelove, Timothy Burke, Stephanie Camp, Steven Kantrowitz, Chandan Reddy, Stephanie Smallwood, the members of the History Department at Stanford University, the Center for the Humanities at Weslyan University, the Department of Middle Eastern Studies at New York University, and the participants in the conference on New Perspectives on American Slavery held at the University of Washington in May of 2002 and at Rutgers University in May of 2003.
The deadline is approaching for the Humanities Focus Grants offered by the National Endowment for the Humanities.
The Humanities in the Age of Technology by Ciriaco Moron Arroyo, Washington, D.
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