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in a humane manner


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Fyne's uplifted bass voice startled them down there, the butler coming up, staring and in his shirt sleeves, very suspicious at first, and then, on Fyne's explanation that he was the husband of a lady who had called several times at the house--Miss de Barral's mother's friend--becoming humanely concerned and communicative, in a man to man tone, but preserving his trained high-class servant's voice: "Oh bless you, sir, no
Miss Halcombe humanely and sensibly allowed all due force to the influence of prejudice and alarm in preventing him from fairly exercising his perceptions, and accounted for what had happened in that way.
You are not behaving humanely to God's creatures that are a jolly sight more estimable than yourself,'
Finding that I was quite insensible, and for the time a maniac, he humanely conducted me below.
The 3Rs are a widely accepted ethical framework for conducting scientific experiments using animals humanely.
The agency should comply with due process and at (the) very least act humanely by providing a considerable amount of time as a transition period for the owners of these vehicles,' she said.
A spokeswoman for Dyfed-Powys Police confirmed: "A bull that had escaped from Cig Calon Cymru in Cross Hands has been humanely destroyed.
Baghdad, Iraq (NINA) - "The Popular Mobilization Forces was established to protect the Iraqis and support the armed forces," said director of the security PMF's directorate Hassan Faleh, added "The popular mobilization has emerged humanely by presenting the martyrs and the wounded in order to protect women, children and cities.
I must stress that all of our lobsters will be killed humanely in a professional kitchen by a professional chef who knows what he is doing.
Channel 4 said the crocodile was killed humanely and that hunting food was part of the programme.
com)-- Tender & True[TM] Pet Nutrition launched in October 2014 as a way to provide pet parents with recipes using only humanely raised high-quality USDA certified organic, antibiotic-free and sustainably sourced proteins.
Wild Boar Saucission is made from boars that are humanely trapped to offer consumers a true taste of the wild.
Some of the animals will be rehomed, 10 were returned to the area where they were found while the rest were humanely euthanised because they had serious health issues.
With this change, FSIS will begin to require that veal calves that are brought to slaughter but cannot rise and walk be promptly and humanely euthanized, and prohibited from entering the food supply.
Police officers Andrew Pittilla and Brian Clewlow had been sent to humanely destroy the animal after it was hit by a vehicle.