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having the approximate size of a human being

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There you can get everything from a human-sized Lego ice cream, cameras or flowers and even Lego storage boxes.
And, to show that construction of a human-sized bone structure, jaw bone fragments were printed using human stem cells.
To the layman, these are human-sized robots that look, move and sound like automatons from science fiction movies.
Important details contradict the ideas they should support, such as the fact that her parents were able to make two human-sized holes in the roof of their home but leave no equipment behind that would give them away, the countrywide and diverse group belonging to the Church of America could keep so many big secrets for so long, or public schools were completely abandoned by students and staff but gas and groceries would still be delivered for cash purchase.
Armed with little more than a camera phone and her wits, she learns the crimefighters are none other than four human-sized turtles called Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello and Michelangelo.
Showing off the human-sized rocket in a central London office, Lester Haines, head of the "Special Projects Bureau" at technology magazine The Register, described the technical challenges and "big future" of 3D printing in aeronautics.
More than anything else, it's he who gives this Hercules his human-sized soul.
Washington, February 28 ( ANI ): Michelle Obama was spotted dancing with a trio of giant, human-sized vegetable dancers during the fourth anniversary tour of her 'Let's Move' campaign.
For example, how can Louie ever manage to kick a human-sized soccer ball and not just the dried pea with which he has been practicing?
The word science probably conjures up images of fat textbooks, Bunsen burners, white lab coats and microscopes, not Irish dancing germs, giant poo floating in front of your face and human-sized bacteria.
The Conwy Valley cake was brought to the top of the Great Orme on the tram by a human-sized badger.
Outside there is also Empty Nest, a giant human-sized rooks nest that can climb up into for a bird's-eye view and a children's playground with an area for den making.
In the soap and bubbles section, children (or adults) can step into a ring of washing up liquid before becoming ensconced in a huge, human-sized bubble.
In Marin's world, Cinderella and company are depicted as human-sized dolls.
VISITORS of all ages can get 'bodies on' with science this summer at the new Thinktank Science Garden in Birmingham, with exciting and inventive exhibits including an eight-metre high clanging 'Terminus' machine and a giant human-sized hamster wheel that has a top speed of 30 revolutions per minute.