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marked by humanistic values and devotion to human welfare

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The human-centered technology considers interactions not only between human and human, but also between human and Internet of Things (IoT) [4].
Our understanding of clients, prospects, and users is at the agency's core of human-centered marketing.
Secondly, come up with an innovative solution which is based around the principle of human-centered design.
Satori Interactive is a boutique, woman-owned user research and Human-Centered Design organization creating strategic solutions through purposeful design.
Within certain IT disciplines, the notion of human-centered computing (HCC) has been used to denote how IT may be applied in the service of individual human needs and interactivity, as opposed to the study of IT's own internal operational theories and mechanisms.
In particular, we found that people learned how to make healthier choices when eating out, reassessed the healthiness of their current eating habits, began having productive conversations about healthy eating with people in their social network and, finally, actually started introducing healthier foods into their diet," said the game's creator, Andrea Grimes Parker, a student in Human-Centered Computing in Georgia Tech's School of Interactive Computing.
explore human-centered trends in information fusion that are valuable to military applications, analysis of health hazards and cyberattacks, and identifying and characterizing human networks, including physical communications and virtual relationships, such as the locations, identity, and interactions of individuals and groups, and two new sources of information: human observations and web-based information.
With 600 inpatient beds, a state-of-the-art surgery suite, ambulatory clinics, and comprehensive support services, the facility advances ZUMC's legacy of leadership in quality healthcare and education, housing healthcare's most advanced technologies and complex functions with efficiency and grace in a human-centered environment.
Human Centered Nursing: The Foundation of Quality Care discusses human centred nursing, concentrating on why nurses do what they do, how their lives are impacted by their patients, and how they can enhance human-centered aspects of care.
With human-centered engineering, "we try to achieve a fit between the group, its culture, the processes and technology involved," said Beaubien.
Kellogg Foundation in collaboration with IDEO, details a human-centered approach to evolving the system of early education for the needs and possibilities of the 21st century.
The idea here is that the concept of the universe as a vast, impersonal space is outdated: the perspective here offers a human-centered cosmology, using the latest findings in astrophysics to back up the new approach to human-centered symbolism and how the universe as a whole is emerging.
We reviewed human-centered strategies that enable robots to behave in a patient-cooperative way and support motor-function assessment.
This debate cannot take part in the NDP, a capitalist human-centered reform party, but a party which does have a record of bringing social justice concerns to the foreground.
There are human-centered reasons to protect each turtle from extinction.
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