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the body wastes of human beings

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One resident who visited the beach on Monday said that the amount of waste, which looked human waste but with a green colour and a squishy texture, had increased in recent weeks.
If I did, I doubt I would waste my time on a product dealing with human waste.
In several experiments using human waste as a feedstock, Kunte studied Salmonella, Shigella, and Vibrio cholerae, pathogens common in India that produce symptoms similar to those cited above.
However, once this particular threshold is transgressed, they should be treated as detritus and flushed down the the drain like any other human waste.
The firm's sewage treatment plant at Minworth, Sutton Coldfield, is capable of creating 42 million kilowatt hours of electricity from methane gas, a by-product when solid human waste is heated.
He says Intel has installed an air-abatement system and waste-treatment facility for the plant's human waste and has "behaved a lot better than other industries in Costa Rica.
Also at the top of the site is the biogas tank, where methane is produced from human waste and piped down to the kitchens.
Recycling human waste isn't like recycling newspapers.
I was unaware that Pierre Leroux's "circulus," the injunction to utilize fully human waste to enhance agricultural productivity, had in fact been realized experimentally at the "irrigation fields" of Gennevilliers outside Paris, which was widely copied elsewhere.
It consists not only of human waste, but also of pollutants and toxins from commercial, industrial and household wastes, as well as compounds added to and formed during the treatment processes.
Astronauts heading out on long-term space missions to explore the solar system and the universe might have to pack microbes in their suitcases so they can transform human waste into the food they are going to eat throughout the trip.
Contract notice: 16a011 - collection and treatment of human waste of sewerage systems.
of waste, not including oxygen tanks or human waste.
According to environmental activists, Everest is littered with the debris of past expeditions, which include human waste and corpses of mountaineers, that could even take decades to decompose because of the extreme cold.
TAXPAYERS in Coventry have had to foot the bill for more than pounds 2,000 in extra wages to fund the clear-up after travellers left two sites in the city strewn with rubbish and human waste.
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