human reproductive cloning

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the reproductive cloning of a sentient human being

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It's hard to make any comparable case for human reproductive cloning - to argue that the potential benefits create a risk worth taking.
Many countries forbid human reproductive cloning and do not discuss its results, but the Islamic law tries to find a solution to these problems and provide a definite answer to the related questions.
It does not represent reality and causes people to focus on unhelpful issues within die context of the debate surrounding human reproductive cloning.
In Asia (China, India, Thailand and Vietnam), human reproductive cloning is prohibited while cloning for therapeutic or research purposes is allowed.
46) Both bills would ban human reproductive cloning but allow cloning for medical research purposes, including stem cell research.
We are opposed to any attempts toward human reproductive cloning," says Hwang--a view shared by many scientists.
The legislation would reportedly allow research on cloning of early-stage human embryos for therapeutic purposes, but would strictly forbid any medical application of the research for the time being, as well as any human reproductive cloning.
In addition, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists opposes any attempts at human reproductive cloning but supports the use of therapeutic cloning.
It is the nature of this paper to examine human reproductive cloning from the perspective of the welfare of the cloned child.
Thus Renick leaves us without a clear position on human reproductive cloning.
In 1998, the Council of Europe approved an Additional Protocol to its Convention on Human Rights and Dignity With Regard to Biomedicine banning human reproductive cloning, a document that has been signed by 24 of the council's 43 member states.
Opponents argue that the only way to outlaw human reproductive cloning is to outlaw cloning embryos for creating stem cell lines.
The group recognized the potential of therapeutic cloning in medical research: "The scientific and medical considerations that justify a ban on human reproductive cloning at this time are not applicable to nuclear transplantation to produce stem cells," the academy report said.
Of late, the hard-line anti-abortion Brownback has been directing his fire against a bill by Dianne Feinstein and Ted Kennedy that would ban human reproductive cloning but not limit the therapeutic cloning of human embryos for medical-research purposes.
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