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I feel one can never exhaust all the possibilities of imaging the human head, each similar and yet so dissimilar.
In this study we want to simulate a three layer human head model and compare the E-field strength and SAR distribution between this model and six and one human head model.
Flexible & sensitive tactile sensors capture contact pressures on the human head
A co-design process optimizes the performance of a passive low-noise amplifying antenna mounted on a human head and configures the input impedance of an active broadband low-noise amplifying antenna.
AN INVESTIGATION is under way in Los Angeles after two dogs found a human head in a plastic bag.
Abstract: The article deals with design of a device for simulation of human head rotation.
He is "especially interested in the origin of bipedal walking, the biology and evolution of endurance running, and the evolution of the human head.
Disturbing He looked in the bag and confirmed a human head was inside.
Small vessels in the shape of a human head were sometimes used to hold cosmetics.
Police are investigating the discovery of a human head in a field.
AN UNUSUAL violin with a carving of a human head at the top has been stolen in a burglary.
The human head is used, as tradition, to measure the various proportions of the body and this technique is carefully explained.
Heather, 63, an artist and designer, said: "It's twice the size of a human head.
ISLAMABAD: Pakistani authorities published yesterday photographs of a severed human head and two men standing in a crowd moments before Benazir Bhutto was killed and offered a reward of of 10 million Pakistan rupees (BD60,856) for their identification.
A GRUESOME exhibition featuring this life-like reconstruction of a human head is proving a hit at a Teesside museum.
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