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At this particular period of the evening I had never before been in a similar situation, and the tumultuous sea of human heads filled me, therefore, with a delicious novelty of emotion.
The moment the bells stopped, those banked masses broke and poured over the line like a vast black wave, and for as much as a half hour it continued to flow, and then it solidified itself, and you could have walked upon a pavement of human heads to -- well, miles.
The midday light that fell on the close pavement of human heads was shed through a line of high pointed windows, variegated with the mellow tints of old painted glass.
Yet therein was usually to be found his favourite crony and gossip, Ngurn, always willing for a yarn or a discussion, the while he sat in the ashes of death and in a slow smoke shrewdly revolved curing human heads suspended from the rafters.
As Hawkeye ceased speaking, four human heads could be seen peering above a few logs of drift-wood that had lodged on these naked rocks, and which had probably suggested the idea of the practicability of the hazardous undertaking.
She leaned back in her chair at the head of the tea-table, perfectly silent, looking vaguely past them all, receiving the most generalized ideas of human heads against pictures, against yellow-tinted walls, against curtains of deep crimson velvet.
Misran, "Analysis of materials effects on radio frequency electromagnetic fields in human head," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol.
London, July 2 ( ANI ): A scientist has claimed that advances in cell engineering have paved way for a full human head transplant in future.
Summary: A human head has been found in a canal in East London.
The bioarchaeology of the human head; decapitation, decoration, and deformation.
One case held a gorgeous collection of what were said to be ancient artifacts: a tiny Etruscan funerary vase adorned with a representation of Pegasus from around 300 bc; a small bronze griffin, discovered in Afghanistan, and dating back to the Sassanid Empire; a terra-cotta sphinx, nearly three thousand years old, from South Lebanon; another sphinx, this one with wings, adorning a delicate silver comb discovered on the island of Crete; and a sixteenth-century incense burner in the shape of a dove with a human head. Another case, placed just inside the entrance to the storefront gallery space, featured a detailed model of a skeleton depicting Pegasus with a particularly wide and mighty set of wings.
Disturbing He looked in the bag and confirmed a human head was inside.
Summary: A flattened human head draped with gold and lapis lazuli jewelry lies in a glass case at the University of Pennsylvania's Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, its teeth the only recognizable feature.AaIt's all that remains of a female courtier to a Mesopotamian monarch who was buried around 4,500 years ago with all of his or her wealth, including the humans who attended the royal court.
A HUMAN head has been found in a bag by a woman while she was out walking.
The Forestry Commission wants to install the timber artwork in the shape of a human head near the northern shore of Kielder Water.
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