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Synonyms for hulk

Synonyms for hulk

a large, ungainly, and dull-witted person

to move heavily

Synonyms for hulk

a very large person

a ship that has been wrecked and abandoned

Related Words

appear very large or occupy a commanding position

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One wrote: "When did Jabba the Hutt have a baby with Yoda?" Another joker said: "Think Hulk got smashed."
MV Hulk docketed at Bengo Wharf, Zamboanga City on Saturday and has been placed under the custody of PCG personnel as it awaits for inspection from the Bureau of Customs.
Universal Pictures has maintained the rights to the Hulk ever since 2003 film Hulk, starring Eric Bana, and the 2007 movie The Incredible Hulk, with Edward Norton playing the lead role.
The aim of the discussion in this paper is to investigate the factors that make She-Hulk's body sexy and attractive and Hulk's body monstrous and deformed.
Abomination acted as the supporting villain, providing for a very brief, but chaotic brawl between him and the Hulk. When you think about it, Abomination is really the only Marvel villain available that can give Hulk a run for his money in the power department, so it was necessary to include him in the film, if only to create an unforgettable fisticuff with the green giant, as a set-up for the battle of the brains that would soon follow afterwards.
It is fairly simple to stop HULK attacks and neutralize this vulnerability with the proper configuration settings and rules."
Da Costa said: "At this point, there have not been any offers made to Porto, or anyone related to Porto, with regard to Hulk.
The main difference is that Dr David Banner becomes the Hulk, not by his own intention and desire.
DDoS protection specialists Prolexic Technologies has released a threat advisory on the HTTP Unbearable Load King (HULK) denial of service (DoS) script.
A PARTYGOER dressed as the Incredible Hulk got so angry at remarks about his superhero costume that he threw a man through a hat shop window.
A granny who was inspired by Hulk Hogan to beat off an intruder with her stick has finally met her hero.
Broker Joseph Armano plans to dress up as the Hulk for an open house
Live football Sky Sports 2, 7pm THE Champions League quarter-final stage is a time for heroes, so don't be surprised if Porto forward Hulk destroys Manchester United tonight, writes James Milton.
ARSENAL will risk the wrath of the Incredible Hulk when they look for their first Champions League win this week.