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Reyes-Reyes BG, Zamora-Villafranco E, Reyes-Reyes ML, Frias-Hernandez Jr, Olalde-Portugal V, Dendooven L (2003) Decomposition of leaves of huisache (Acacia tortuoso) and mesquite (Prosopis spp.
En el municipio domina la pradera con nopal, pastizal, huisache y matorrales diversos.
Sin embargo se ha escaseado por la tala desorganizada, obligando a la utilizacion de lena de otras especies, como el roble (Quercus Rugosa) y el huisache (Acacia Farnesiana) para el fuego.
They had put some huisache branches, choked between two cactuses, as cover from the light of the sun and to darken the occupant's silhouette.
The terrain was thick with prickly pear cactus, huisache, catsclaw, mesquite and guajillo and harbored an amazing amount of wildlife besides whitetails.
and I must listen to my heart said the song, and I die to return again and again to your arms, San Antonio Monterey Street, the Alamo and its Mexican heroes locusts blurring along the huisache, little girls in china poblana skirts on their way to mass at St.
The low water in 2011 to 2013 allowed for a jungle-like growth or huisache, mesquite, acacia, and salt cedar on the exposed reservoir bottom.
Riparian habitats included riparian woodlands dominated by Mexican ash Fraxinus berlandieriana and huisache Acacia farnesiana, and the riparian floodplain was dominated by gulf cordgrass Spartina spartinae and spiny aster Aster spinosa (Harveson 1997, Harveson et al.
Its shrub stratum is characterized by spiny hackberry (Celtis pallida), huisache (Acacia farnesiana), catclaw (A.
En medio del semidesertico paisaje lleno de nopal, huisache y tepetate, donde sena imposible que floreciera algo, a las faldas de un cerro nace un majestuoso manto de sembradios azules, verdes y amarillos, el cual se extiende colina arriba mas alla de lo que la vista puede abarcar.
Milder weather prevails along the Texas-Mexico border, particularly where Falcon Lake backs up the Rio Grande into 84,000 acres of hydrilla, huisache, flooded timber, and big bass.
Dominant woody species at the stock ponds were honey mesquite, huisache (Acacia farnesiana), retama (Parkinsonia aculeata), and black willow.