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Synonyms for hugger-mugger

a state of confusion

Related Words

in utter disorder

conducted with or marked by hidden aims or methods

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MAAMELTEIN: A relic of medieval town planning, Paris in the early 1800s was a warren of tiny streets and hugger-mugger buildings.
There is an entirely authentic inconsequentiality about these diaries; world events are recorded hugger-mugger with small personal preoccupations.
Of course there are the usual English class-system stupidities, but the hugger-mugger geography of the place, the knackered stands and even the endless stinging of a million thunderbugs somehow manage to rise above the ordinary.
Here we had four people, one of them the boss of a Dublin-based international company, not one of them elected by the people of Derry or of anywhere else, meeting hugger-mugger and agreeing to subsidise the Dublin-based outfit with tens of thousands of local rate-payers' money.
Socially, the fabric is often as fragmented as the physical one, with immigrants from rural areas or from abroad mixed hugger-mugger with some of the least privileged traditional citizens.
These presbytery post-mortems are often useful in determining what really happened and, in the time they provide, allow the warm glow of fellowship to subside before we return to the hugger-mugger of ordinary life.
After all, what was most far-fetched about Oliver Stone's JFK (1991) wasn't the conspiracy hugger-mugger but the very idea that Kennedy was America's blessed liberal savior taken from us in a time of great need.
I remember trying to argue that it is in the transcendent calm of Cervantes's prose, which looks with divine equanimity on the hugger-mugger of all that passes below.
Retired General Sir Anthony Farrar-Hockley (he just has to be double-barrelled, doesn't he?) blusters that the European Court ruling is "ridiculous" because when soldiers go to war, "they have to live hugger-mugger at most times" and "the great majority do not want to be brought into contact with homosexual practices".
"All I know for sure is that the Innu have been hugger-mugger in fast-track negotiations on land claims with provincial and federal officials over the last week in St.
Hugger-Mugger in the Louvre (1940), Mayhem in B-Flat (1940), Fracas in the Foothills (1941), The Black Gardenia (1952), and other crime novels brought Paul thousands of readers who had never heard of transition or the expatriate colonies in the Balearics.
Police have warned about the "hugger-mugger" technique used by some criminals lovingly embracing strangers in queues while stealing their purse, wallet or phone.
But an imprudent visit to any sardined town centre, and being hugger-mugger with wild-eyed consumers - one can achieve it.
Finally, all were brought together in a hugger-mugger pile.