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Synonyms for huffy

Synonyms for huffy

quick to take offense

roused to anger


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The versatility of this comfort bike is amazing," says Huffy Vice President of Marketing Ray Thomson.
This time, after McGrory's crack on March 2, he not only received a huffy phone call from Lt.
CENTERVILLE, Ohio -- Huffy Corporation, marketer and distributer of bicycles bearing the Huffy[R] brand, is taking tricycles to a whole new level.
This was despite the goal hero Divock Origi, with the huffy Chelsea This was despite the This was despite the fact fact Lukaku made ukaku made way after almost an way after almost an hour for 19-year-old hour for 19-year-old goal hero Divock Origi, with the huffy Chelsea striker brushing away the striker brushing away the handshake of coach Marc handshake of coach Marc Wilmots and muttering Wilmots and muttering angrily on the bench.
47 (480m): Canny Caleb, Farloe Huffy, Monroe Lee, Free Tornado, Mineola Mohican, Fearsome Mantra.
Sharon, 55, had earlier phoned Cowell to explain her huffy behaviour.
President Bush is very huffy about demanding John Kerry to name the world leaders who told him they hoped he would win: Besides the obvious one that you don't expose these well-meaning people to the petty vindictiveness that is the Bush administration's hallmark, Kerry is saving Bush embarrassment.
But surely, can't the man see that everytime he gets all huffy over reversing around a corner, he's just making matters worse for himself.
It is only a matter of time before one of them invites us to spend Christmas with her - and the other gets huffy if we accept.
Serra, the chagrined idealist, would sue for $30,000,000 plus, supported by huffy and grandisoe art-world radical plos.
Prior to Lexmark, he was Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Huffy Corporation in Dayton, Ohio.
She says she didn't tell her parents about our age gap and her dad, particularly, might be a bit huffy about it.
s brand name and other assets could help Huffy Corp.
HUFFY Virgil van Dijk has been ordered to stay clear of Celtic's training ground today as the clock ticks down on his hopes of landing a deadline day move to Southampton.