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Islamic laws stating the limits ordained by Allah and including the deterrent punishments for serious crimes

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In his view, hudud should not be enforced by the state at all, unless it were adopted as part of the criminal code through the political process, without reference to religious beliefs and subject to constitutional safeguards.
This focus on hudud was prompted by the passage of the Sharia Criminal Bill in the state of Kelantan in November 1993.
Tia Habiba, que habia sido repudiada sin motivo por un marido a quien amaba, decia que Ala habia enviado a los ejercitos del Norte a Marruecos para castigar a los hombres por violar la hudud que protege a las mujeres.
Blunting the harsh edges of many of the shari'a rules, he hopes to offer a reformed version of the hudud that might become acceptable among modern criminal justice systems.
It's not hudud, but what we refer to as enhanced punishment," he told a news conference after meeting leaders of his ruling United Malays National Organisation (UMNO) party.
The group also continued its dawa and hisba campaign in southern Damascus region, beginning the distribution of a daily newsletter, creating a new medical facility, establishing the hudud against unjust killers, continuing its agricultural work, touting the start of the new school year, and gaining more regime and rebel repentances.
Some modern jurists have called for a moratorium on the hudud corporal punishments altogether, and others have specifically called for a revisitation of the hadd related to zina due to unfortunate abuses, honor killings, and other misapplications that have resulted in the deaths of many innocent lives.
In 2012, the Salafi ulama made their stand clear on the hudud issue.
Umri then discusses the huge and enormous responsibilities of the head of an Islamic state that he has to enforce the Shariah, establish the Hudud, the Divine limits, defend the country from the foreign invasions etc.
The author provides a strong critique of fundamentalism in revivalist discourse, as it is manifest in constmctions of Islamic identity, the Islamic state and system, attitude towards secularism and the West, the clamour for hudud and other rhetoric.
This amendment would signify the inclusion of hudud (the penal laws of Islam) in the new constitution.
Feldman is correct to note, for example, that the hudud punishment for stealing (severing of a hand) is both rare and requires extraordinary proof.
b) Pure punishments of "perfect nature", ('uqubah kamilah or mahdah) which include Hudud punishments.
If doctors refuse to carry out Hudud [Islamic] penalties then we are prepared to train and qualify some judges on the medical process of how to do the amputations" Sharfi said.
For example, dinar and dirham provide a basis for evaluating the execution of zakat, the payment of diyat, hudud cases and marriage.