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Synonyms for huckster

to travel about selling goods

to argue about the terms, as of a sale

Synonyms for huckster

a seller of shoddy goods

a person who writes radio or tv advertisements

sell or offer for sale from place to place

wrangle (over a price, terms of an agreement, etc.)

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Ironically, the same year "Gift" opened, Fields made what is arguably the comedian's best huckster picture, "The Old-Fashioned Way.
There is a fear among reasoned, civil people that the public will be gullible enough to accept the garbage purveyed by these new hucksters.
Hucksters have always been part of the American landscape, colorful characters we've tolerated, figuring if they can make a living off their pitch, more power to them.
John Walsh came across as a pathetic huckster trying to make a quick buck.
While he never craved the limelight--believing it belonged to his clients--he became a statesman and spokesman for the advertising profession and helped to destroy the huckster myth.
The photogenic huckster sat at a breakfast table, laughing at the way one paper called him a conservative and one called him too liberal, implying that he, like Goldilocks' favorite bowl of porridge, was just right.
Even before "High & Low" opened, Barbara Rose wrote of Varnedoe's "in-crowd thinking" and huckster tendencies (Journal of Art, Jan.
IN the 1939 comedy classic You Can't Cheat an Honest Man,WC Fields plays an unscrupulous carnival huckster trying to get an unwilling public under the flap of his sideshow tent.
Hugh, a farmer's son from the Shropshire Marches, is the fast-talking huckster who draws a crowd as the starting time draws near.
Carnival huckster James Franco (below) is whisked from to the magical land of Oz.
I wanted to find someone who would generate sympathy so there wouldn't be any confusion, that he was some huckster.
Huckster site in Belfast "I would urge anyone with any knowledge of fuel laundering operations in their area, to report the matter.
And then he was introduced to the huckster whose eyes had grown greedy and cynical watching the whirl of gambling wheels.
Part carnival huckster, part freedom fighter, part impish rascal, he stood alone for many years when it was decidedly unfashionable to do so.
Certainly, this caricature of the producer as part huckster, part thug, contains a grain of truth.