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toweling consisting of coarse absorbent cotton or linen fabric


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Paddick was Binkie Huckaback, aging juvenile lead, Chou's Cockney, hobnail-booted concubine Lotus Blossom, and another couple of dozen characters like the Amazing Grotty with Baldwin, the Almost Human Canine.
That's not how it works at Huckaback, Diana Falkiner's shop in Monmouth, a repository of vintage garments, linen etc.
08 3 Earthen Juggs with some Prunes & Currants 12 1 Box with four Perukes 2 of them very old 3 10 4 Killing Knives w[i]th a small Bundle of Twine 2 4 1/2 2 Old course Huckaback Table Cloths & Napkins & 3 Towels 14 6 2 Speckled Shirts new, 12 holl[en]d shirts, 6p.
This is the surreal world of ageing juvenile Binkie Huckaback, J.
Common was the medieval art of Huckaback weaving, which produces a honeycomb weave popular for towels and is still used today.
Huckaback 2 Church Street 01600 716020 THE place to find a wide selection of nostalgic items of the finest quality, Huckaback is rightly described as "a treasure trove of beautiful things.
Tenders are invited for Towel Hand Mill Made Huckaback 90X60 Cm.