hub-and-spoke system

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a system of air transportation in which local airports offer air transportation to a central airport where long-distance flights are available

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Additional time and costs (the hub-and-spoke system works against the common trend to minimize shunting in order to minimize costs) incurred by hub exchange operations counteract these advantages.
In this study, the system is a hub-and-spoke system that consists of features of the hub-and-spoke networks, exchange facilities, and exchange operations.
The hub-and-spoke system was designed to relieve SSAs at LSA Anaconda of the need to transport internal misships by delivering all materiel to the correct SSAs at LSA Anaconda within a 24-hour period; to consolidate and transport external misships to the CDC for onward movement to units throughout the Combined Joint Task Force 7 (CJTF-7) area of operations; and to transport serviceable excesses to the CDC.
The concept of operations for the hub-and-spoke system developed out of the need to redirect misshipments between the two primary SSAs at LSA Anaconda, the 240th Quartermaster Company (Direct Support) and the 147th Maintenance Company (Direct Support), both of which are part of the 7th CSG.
The hub-and-spoke system then was expanded into an internal system that supported all six SSAs at LSA Anaconda.
The final concept of operation expanded the "Anaconda Express" hub-and-spoke system to manage both internal and external support of SSAs throughout CJTF-7.
The information that figure 1 conveys is that the EU15 is indeed a gravitational pole for CEECs trade flows, but the evidence of a hub-and-spoke system is less straightforward than it may appear.
The contribution of this paper is to give new and robust evidence of the effects of FTAs in Europe and on the emergence of a hub-and-spoke system in intro-UE trade flows.
One US bank has even moved to a hub-and-spoke system, with more than 10,000 user interfaces, internal and external, as its overall architectural choice.
These capabilities distinguish the software hub of a hub-and-spoke system from the sort of thing that techies sometimes refer to as a "network hub." The former knows about data - where it is located and how to get it.