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the basic unit of money in Ukraine

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The central bank has effectively been printing money to finance the government, exacerbating the sharp fall in the hryvnia.
The company explained the results were additionally affected by the depreciation of Russian the ruble and Ukrainian hryvnia.
Morykvas shows a real world, not necessarily through a realistic prism, but a real world where a friend may come to borrow a hryvnia for a pack of cigarettes.
Rating agency Fitch believes that the local currency hryvnia may fall 10% by the end of the year because of fairly weak confidence in the currency.
In the current year for needs of national security and defence there has been allocated 90 billion hryvnia "this is an unprecedented amount": "For the next year we propose to add another 10 billion hryvnia".
Ukraine's banking system has been hit by large outflows of deposits, a sharp contraction in the economy and severe depreciation in its currency, the hryvnia.
Ukraine's assets dropped in November to the lowest level since 2005 as its foreign currency reserves contracted and the hryvnia slumped amid conflict in the eastern region.
The central bank said it would impose import curbs to sustain the hryvnia.
Ukraine, which has been fighting pro-Russian separatists in its east and struggling to resolve a months-long gas pricing dispute with Moscow, badly needs cash to support its budget, pay off debts and prop up its faltering hryvnia currency.
5 billion less in tax payments were collected despite the sharp devaluation of the Ukrainian hryvnia in much of 2014.
Dollar/ Hryvnia exchange rate but has the power to do so.
The weak Ukrainian hryvnia reduced the company's production costs at its Mukacheve site in south-western Ukraine.
gt; Make deposit of 260 Hryvnia, and then press pay.
Banks scrambled to introduce the rouble as an official currency alongside the Ukrainian hryvnia, although the switch could take place at the end of the month after March pensions and salaries are cleared, banking sources said.