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the basic unit of money in Ukraine

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As expected, higher key policy rate has stimulated growth in bank interest rates and made hryvnia financial instruments more attractive.
Regarding exports, the weaker hryvnia will fail to make up for the loss of the Russian market.
The head of Ukraine's competition authority said on Friday that the watchdog had decided to fine Russian gas company Gazprom 85 billion hryvnias ($3.
Recession in 2014 will be driven by the devaluation of the hryvnia and major trade disruption due to the elevated risk of a military escalation with Russia.
They need this current tour more than ever and hope for an opportunity to earn some real money at a time when the value of their local currency, the Ukrainian Hryvnia, has plummeted to an all-time low.
President Petro Poroshenko made his pledge to spend an extra 40 billion hryvnia (PS1.
Russia is aware that rebuilding the Donbass (the industrial east) will cost not millions but billions of hryvnia," he said.
Reportedly, this decision has been made due to the uncertain economic outlook in Ukraine and the significant devaluation of the Ukrainian Hryvnia currency.
gt; Make deposit of 260 Hryvnia, and then press pay.
This meant an extra 80m Hryvnia in revenue in the first month ($15m), with the increase expected to be over 1 billion Hryvnia ($180m) in the first year.
The company attributed the drop in its net profit to the devaluation of the Ukrainian hryvnia against the US dollar in light of recent political and economic turmoil in Ukraine, impacting Turkcell's business operations in Ukraine.
20 Hryvnia in mid December, the exchange rate in the beginning of March was 1 USD = 9.
The capital controls announced by the central bank -- a daily cap on foreign currency withdrawals from bank accounts -- had immediate effect, strengthening the currency, the hryvnia, to 9.
An International Monetary Fund mission visiting Ukraine has urged the government to raise gas prices for domestic consumers and introduce a flexible exchange rate for the national currency, the hryvnia, a Fund official said on Thursday.
I opened my wallet, but to my dismay, I only had a few bedraggled hryvnia (the Ukrainian currency) with me.