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a girl who behaves in a boyish manner

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Its antecedents extend, in Western culture, from the femme fatales of Judeo-Christian scripture (Eve, Judith, Delilah, and Salome) to the hoydens of Greek mythology (Pandora, Medusa, Circe, and the Sirens).
On the contrary, they were seen as a threat and portrayed as rebellious hoydens, who did not respect either their husbands or their in-laws.
Consequently, the sallies that suffrage playwrights presented to their opposition were often more good-natured and conciliatory than one would suppose given the hysterical hooligans and unprincipled hoydens believed to populate the women's movement.
The hoydens depicted in vintage juvenile fiction may provide a safety valve for sexualities that cannot be acknowledged, but that are difficult to repress.
The portrayals of two fictional personalities, Clara (universally referred to as "Bobby") Hargrew, a hoyden, and Prettyman Sweet, a dude, will be examined.
In this sport series for girls, the character of the pert and unruly hoyden is developed through the "boyish" activities in which she participates--sport and practical jokes.
The hoydens at first oppose the gentlemen, who draw [their swords, at which] the clowns vail bonnet.
This same librarian wondered why society continued to "plan for the girls to be mid-Victorian, and consider them hoydens beyond reclaiming, when instead of shrieking and running .