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a girl who behaves in a boyish manner

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Consequently, the sallies that suffrage playwrights presented to their opposition were often more good-natured and conciliatory than one would suppose given the hysterical hooligans and unprincipled hoydens believed to populate the women's movement.
Not only are they "awakened," but they even turn into vigorous horsy hoydens: "Excitement was up in the stirrups."
The hoydens depicted in vintage juvenile fiction may provide a safety valve for sexualities that cannot be acknowledged, but that are difficult to repress.
The portrayals of two fictional personalities, Clara (universally referred to as "Bobby") Hargrew, a hoyden, and Prettyman Sweet, a dude, will be examined.
In this sport series for girls, the character of the pert and unruly hoyden is developed through the "boyish" activities in which she participates--sport and practical jokes.
While it may seem reasonable and logical to telescope a century of cultural change into a single view and conflate the tomboy of today with the hoyden of one hundred years ago, these literary characters cannot be read in the same light.
The hoydens at first oppose the gentlemen, who draw [their swords, at which] the clowns vail bonnet.
This same librarian wondered why society continued to "plan for the girls to be mid-Victorian, and consider them hoydens beyond reclaiming, when instead of shrieking and running ...
Like the reader, Angel first encounters Tess dressed in pagan garb though his brothers are afraid to be seen with "a troop of country hoydens" (24).
(7) As a result, these "rebels" and "hoydens" (8) are seldom credible in their social context because of their anachronistic attitudes and behaviour.