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used of girls


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Here, the extremes of dangerous liberalism and cultural conservativism are equated: Mary, despite her hoydenish ways, "naturally" fulfills Mrs.
In Play Two a hoydenish, self-willed, stereotypically rebellious teenager Electra is chided by her mother for flagrant disobedience, jealousy of her father's love for her mother, sibling rivalry and, by her singing, making her baby brother Orestes cry.
The season also revealed an admirably hoydenish Jaffe matched
He lies quietly with Brett, satiated after being backed up to the hoydenish lady.
When the time comes for Drucilla to be launched into the society, and the marriage market, their father - to save money - decides the hoydenish younger sister should also be given a chance at redeeming herself with a suitable marriage.
It was not an old ballad, but a poem, entitled 'A Song on Black Bess', by Dorset in praise of his mistress, a rustic beauty whom he comically regrets to be unable to present at court, not only on account of the inevitable jealousies this would arouse but also of her hoydenish manners:
The typical critical reaction to Jane Eyre found in it a masculine coarseness and a hoydenish vulgarity especially offensive since, on the basis of its modest scope, it was self-evidently the work of a female with little experience of "life," that is, London life.
Although he might patronize them, Walker welcomed the entry of more women into the profession, and he recalled with approval an anecdote about Houston Chronicle reporter Clara Ogden Davis (in which she comes off as hoydenish and forthright at the same time):
As Adele, Celena Schafer was as captivating as any in memory, matching her broad, but never hoydenish, comic turn with technically brilliant, full-toned singing and deploying her fresh good looks to captivating effect.