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a girl who behaves in a boyish manner

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Recently, celebrated science champion, astrophysicist, and Director of the Hoyden Planetarium Neil deGrasse Tyson discussed these and other topics with District Administration.
Pickford's hoyden shares much with that ideal and with Griffith's child-women, but her characters' physical assertiveness and determined mind-set tend to obscure these fundamental commonalities" (54).
A further group is centred around feminist views, and operated by female bloggers (for example, Hoyden about Town, crazybrave and Blogger on the Cast Iron Balcony).
Now this hoyden reveals she lost her virginity at 14, just before she started a series of handbag thefts, drug-taking and knife-carrying.
The portrayals of two fictional personalities, Clara (universally referred to as "Bobby") Hargrew, a hoyden, and Prettyman Sweet, a dude, will be examined.
In to Win i s on a recovery po s ition in the three and a quarter m ile Open Maiden Race, after a di sm al effort when s ent off favourite in the corre s ponding conte s t at the recent Hoyden m eeting.
A few stories do get close to what we typically think of as magical realism, most notably the novella-length "Water" in which a young, practically feral hoyden finds herself being courted by a good percentage of a city's creepy upper crust before retreating back to nature in more ways than one.
Water system treatment improvement rebid, lone; apparent low bidder was TML Construction of Hoyden, Idaho.
Aside from the bibliography and index, the book is completed with five comprehensive appendices: the songs; a gazetteer; a directory of traditional (pre-revival) performers; a timeline of hardening events; and portraits of existing hoyden horses.
Toby leaves Lou for the town hoyden, Deary Hightoe, and the two move to Maine.
One film critic wrote that it had turned "a bumptious hoyden into a sweet and amusing actress".
Worthy Neil Maffin Snap, Young Fashion Matthew Schneck Sir Novelty Fashion, Lord Foppington Jonathan Freeman Lory, Tailor Gabriel Baron Sly, Old Coupler Manlove, Sir Tunbelly Clumsey, Parson Bull Laurence Ballard Amanda Caralyn Kozlowski Hillaria, Nurse Laura Kenny Narcissa, Fistula, Hoyden Bhama Roget Berinthia Suzanne Bouchard With: Melissa D.