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a girl who behaves in a boyish manner

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In to Win i s on a recovery po s ition in the three and a quarter m ile Open Maiden Race, after a di sm al effort when s ent off favourite in the corre s ponding conte s t at the recent Hoyden m eeting.
A few stories do get close to what we typically think of as magical realism, most notably the novella-length "Water" in which a young, practically feral hoyden finds herself being courted by a good percentage of a city's creepy upper crust before retreating back to nature in more ways than one.
Water system treatment improvement rebid, lone; apparent low bidder was TML Construction of Hoyden, Idaho.
Aside from the bibliography and index, the book is completed with five comprehensive appendices: the songs; a gazetteer; a directory of traditional (pre-revival) performers; a timeline of hardening events; and portraits of existing hoyden horses.
One film critic wrote that it had turned "a bumptious hoyden into a sweet and amusing actress".
Clarke G, Collins RA, Leavitt BR, Andrews DF, Hoyden MR, Lumsden C J, et al.
BALLET WORKSHOP OF NEW ENGLAND Jacqueline Cronsborg, Director (508) 435-5600; 52 Hoyden Rowe, Hopkinton.
Mr Holland didn't like Mrs Coleridge; meeting her in the street he thought she was a hoyden, 'fit wife for such a Democrat' (not a term of approval in 1800).
Hoyden, "The Book of the Decade," Country Life, March 1946.
Hoyden Lesbirel's book, NIMBY Politics in Japan: Energy Siting and The Management of Environmental Conflict, is a detailed account of power plant siting disputes in post-war Japan.
William Hoyden has the distinction of being the only senior managing director,
Notably, Dyn featured a substantial number of female artists, including photographers Rosa Rolando and Doris Hoyden (both of Mum) were represented here), and appears to have been far less interested in depicting naked women than was Minotaure, to further compare.