howler monkey

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monkey of tropical South American forests having a loud howling cry

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Molecular evolution, social structure, and phylogeography of the mantled howler monkey (Alouatta palliata).
A case of adoption of a howler monkey infant (Alouatta villosa) by a female spider monkey.
Following the incident environmental officers notified residents on Saturday that a joint operation with the local authority will start today to capture and relocate the howler monkey, so named because of its distinctive booming call to another region of the forest.
seniculus ursina (Linnaeus, 1766) (Werneck 1950), popularly known as the black howler monkey, and red howler monkey and brown howler monkey, respectively (Bicca-Marques et al.
A group of scientists have discovered that an evolutionary adaptation, which gave some howler monkeys louder calls to better mates, developed small testicles as a result.
The aims of this work were to i) provide new density estimates for the Ecuadorian mantled howler monkey in the NBR, and ii) provide the first information on group sizes and relative abundance of the Ecuadorian capuchin monkeys in the NBR.
Just after dawn, barbershop quartets of male howler monkeys echo over the canopy of Mexico's forests.
Survey of Alouatta caraya, the black-and-gold howler monkey, and Alouatta guariba clamitans, the brown howler monkey, in a contact zone, State of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil: Evidence for hybridization.
Yellow fever virus strains sequenced in the study and their metadata, Venezuela * Isolate ID Source Location 1A Red howler monkey Monagas 2A ([dagger]) Red howler monkey Guarico 3A Red howler monkey Portuguesa 4A Red howler monkey Portuguesa 5A Human Portuguesa 6A ([dagger]) Human Portuguesa 7A Human Portuguesa 8A ([dagger]) Red howler monkey Barinas 9A ([dagger]) Red howler monkey Apure 10A ([dagger]) Red howler monkey Monagas Isolate ID Year of Passage GenBank collection history accession no.
Maya, our animal lover, was assigned the task of playing mommy to a one-month-old baby howler monkey named Memo whose parents had been killed.
Intragroup genetic relatedness in two howler monkey species (Alouatta pigra and A.
The howler monkey study was part of Kelaita's doctoral dissertation work at U-M's Department of Anthropology.
And from the wooden deck outside, which had a panoramic view over the Golfo Dulce, we heard the unmistakable growl-cum-groan of a black howler monkey in thick vegetation.