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Synonyms for howler

Synonyms for howler

a joke that seems extremely funny

monkey of tropical South American forests having a loud howling cry

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It was a huge discovery that howler monkeys had independently evolved the same kind of color vision that monkeys from Africa and Southeast Asia had," says Dominy.
There have been some high-profile howlers in the past couple of weeks and I will say the same as the rest of the managers.
Five years ago, University of Wisconsin professor Robert Horwich convinced 12 adjoining landowners in Belize to protect the habitat of howler monkeys living on their property.
We don't know if he just Creature features OUR FRIENDS AT AT DUDLEY ZOO BRING THE LATEST NEWS doesn't like the blower or if he thinks it sounds like another howler monkey, as they use their unique noise to let other groups know their location, but whatever the reason he makes a fair old noise.
After starting a new band each week for about two months straight Howler became the clear standout, and the band produced the This One's Different E.
SUNDERLAND'S bid for Barclays Premier League survival will go to the wire after two defensive howlers allowed Portsmouth to snatch victory at Fratton Park.
Mr Jones, a science teacher at Ysgol Morgan Llwyd, Wrexham, said: "I came across another grammatical howler this morning by the roundabout at the entrance to Sainsbury's in Rhyl.
It doesn't happen very often and I think Trap has said it was his first howler.
I WANTED Turner to play as I think he is our future, but his howler got United back into a game they looked like getting nothing from.
Obviously, somebody has made a howler, and whether they've got the colours wrong or what, I don't know, but it's an expensive mistake.
I've walked that far before in the snow,'' Jack declares, in one of about 25 howler lines from Emmerich and Jeffrey Nachmanoff's script that sent tsunamis of laughter through the audience I saw the film with.
But it wasn't all meetings: Our trip was enlivened by encounters with barking howler monkeys, flocks of multi-colored butterflies, a three-toed sloth, and a recently downed deer, still warm from the jaws of a rainforest cat.
Its skull shows that the big primate had an enlarged vocal sac, which it used to communicate over long distances, as howler monkeys do today.