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a muzzle-loading high-angle gun with a short barrel that fires shells at high elevations for a short range

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The shipment contained 70 M198 Howitzers and 26 million rounds of ammunition.
For many years in the 1990s, I sat next to Angus in our Glasgow office and was privileged to listen and watch him as, week after week, he loaded the howitzer.
5 billion are on the final stages ; Purchase of 145 M777 ultra howitzers is stuck due to price escalation.
Following the war, all the barrels were put into storage except No L1 which, in 1921, was mounted on an RTM to test the accuracy of the 18-inch howitzer in Shoeburyness, on the Essex coast.
BAE Systems said the success of the M777 in operations in Iraq and Afghanistan is reflected in the global interest in the howitzer.
Though Ellis was not involved with the first use of direct assault fire, sometimes the 8-inch howitzer came under his unit's supervision.
He said that ST Kinetics lightweight howitzer has got artillery power unit (APU), which enables it to load quickly by pressing a button rather than running round the chamber, and helps soldiers to use them in high altitude and cold weather a lot.
Canada has a potential requirement for an additional 25 howitzers.
Prior to receiving the M777, the 2-11 FA was an exclusively 105mm battalion that was equipped with the M119 howitzer.
Bomb disposal experts discovered the shell - used in an eight-inch Howitzer gun - was not dangerous.
The concept is to arrange a summit meeting with the local tribal elders; then, to emphasize a point, the Canadian negotiator will have his gunners simply drop a 155-mm howitzer round into a nearby field.
Marine Corps expects to begin operating a new 155mm towed howitzer next spring.
COVENTRY'S British Legion members from the Howitzer club have collected around pounds 500 in order to send parcels full of essentials to their relatives in the Gulf.
The new M777 features significant weight reduction - 7,000 pounds - over the M198 howitzer currently used by both Marine Corps and Army light units.
The unique event marked the retirement of the 25-pound howitzer which has been in service at the castle since 1952.