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Synonyms for howdy

an expression of greeting

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East Village vintage store Howdy Do is closing due to high rent prices.
She uses her dog to attract the attention of her handsome and recently divorced neighbor Everett, but Polly's puppy, Howdy, interests him more.
a big howdy and some photos from Arkansas and Louisiana, and other miscellaneous shit.
Some of the pieces uncovered include the "Endangered Species" and "The Myth" series (Superman, Mickey Mouse and Howdy Doody), "Mao" and "Campbell's Soup Can.
Varieties (and labels) include: Roast the French (French roast); Yasser R a-Rat (medium Guatemalan); Say Howdy Saudi (decaf); Kerry's Camelot Cafe (Colombian); Osama's Mama (Costa Rican); Grounds for Divorce (Ethiopian); Jumpin' Jihad Java (Sumatran); and Flubba-Dubya's Campfire Coffee (Kenya).
HOWDY PARDNERS: Laura Berwick, 10, enjoys the races with her Wild West friends SQUAW: Holly Ross, two, from Crosby POW WOW: Big Chief Grey Cloud, alias John Morris Pictures: COLIN LANE
Buffalo Bob" Smith, for possession of the Howdy Doody puppet used in The Howdy Doody Show, which aired on NBC from 1947 to 1960.
1997, is a Howdy Doody doll with an erection, shouldering a clunky cross.
Like cousins at a family picnic, they shake and howdy and greet one another, blowing into noses, sniffing faces, rubbing against each other.
SAN ANTONIO -- In 1947 "The Howdy Doody Show" debuted, the first commercial microwave oven hit the market and the "Tupperware" seal was patented, launching the "Tupperware" party craze in the 1950s.
Howdy Hudson, principal of L&H Dynamic Busiess Solutions states, "The HVAC Smart Chip is designed for easy retrofit to residential and commercial HVAC systems, saving 14-20% on cooling and 10-15% on heating.
The quartet is composed of well-known area roots musicians Paula Bradley (Girl Howdy, Uncle Earl) on piano, ukulele and vocals; Peter "Dr.
FLURRY JOF INTEREST Ryan Tubridy's festive jumper is unveiled last night HOWDY nHost arrives as cowboy Woody DRESS 3 SENSE Tubs peels off to reveal snowman
Google+ is a prime example of our complete failure to understand platforms from the very highest levels of executive leadership (hi Larry, Sergey, Eric, Vic, howdy howdy) down to the very lowest leaf workers (hey yo)," he wrote.
Howdy partners: It's park life for, from left, Conner O'Malley, Charlotte Hargreaves, Caitlin Hargreaves and Katie Axon.